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Methods used by Tesco to monitor if good customer service is taking place.

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Part of E4 Methods used by Tesco to monitor if good customer service is taking place. If Tesco's know how good or bad their customer service is then they can make improvements where appropriate. Since they are in such a competitive market they must monitor regularly and act fast on anything which needs improving. Tesco's is such a big company it will be hard to monitor the customer service in all the stores, but an easy and efficient way of doing this is to use mystery shoppers. This is basically when a researcher is paid to act as a normal customer and just shop around the store, looking for any improvements and commenting on what is good. The employers working at the store do not know who the mystery shopper is so results are accurate. This type of monitoring is done in every store of Tesco's, and is a good way to get feedback on how well or bad their customer service is. If Tesco's know where the cracks are in their customer service then they can mend it, so knowing what can be improved is vital. A mystery shopper can notify Tesco's about the following: How they are greeted by staff How promptly they are dealt with The knowledge of the staff The staffs selling skills The appearance of the branch The quality of facilities Hygiene standards Since Tesco's deal with a wide range of customers they can choose different types of mystery shoppers, which can improve accuracy of results and a perspective from different types of customers making the results less bias. For example they hire a mystery shopper acting as a mother with children, the mother then can check the baby changing facilities and other service provided by Tesco's for people carrying babies. They would also use a disabled mystery shopper, who will test the disabled facilities such as the toilet, and they can know if areas are not as accessible to the disabled. ...read more.


if a customer brought a DVD form Tesco and didn't work the customer has the right to bring it back and get an exchange or refund back. � The seller has described the goods inaccurately. e.g. If Tesco has described a C.D player's battery life to last 24 hours and don't the customer could get a refund back or exchange. Tesco would need to understand that customers can complain against these problems and the following laws protect them: � * Sales of Goods act 1979 - One of the most important Acts today is the Sale of Goods Acts 1979. Since it was passed this has been amended three times - by the Sale of Goods Acts (Amendment) Act 1994, the Sale and Supply of Goods (Amendment) Act 1995. This covers the fundamental requirements of purchasers, i.e. that goods that Tesco's PLC sell must be: - as described, this means that goods must conform to their description e.g. waterproof must mean the item dose not leak - of satisfactory quality - in relation to the price paid, the description, the age of the item - fit for the purpose for which they are intended - goods must carry out the purpose they are made for. Tesco usually issue refunds if they have failed to meet the criteria, which also contributes to their success dealing with customers. * Food safety Act, 1990-This is a wide-ranging law which strengthens and updates consumer protection in the food sector. This brought food sources, and implication farmers and growers, specifically under food safety legislation for the first time. It made it an offence to sell food which is not of the 'nature or substance or quality' demanded by the purchaser. Tesco follows this law very strictly for example Tesco's Prohibits the sale of unfit or adulterated food and also Tesco's Controls the description of its , advertising and labeling of foods. ...read more.


9. How many complaints have you had? As I said earlier on we usually have a lot but it has reduced recently, this is due to us providing our customers with good customer services. Complaints are usually with the check out times at the weekend, so we have reduced this by having some of our staff's multi skilled so they can work both on the shop floor and on the till. 10. Do you have a customer service desk? Yes we do it is located at the entrance of the store. 11. How do you check if your Customer services methods are working? Aaarh I'm not really sure though, I think by how much profit we make at the end of the week. 12. How do you monitor customer services? We use different methods like mystery shoppers, suggestion boxes, focus groups and questionnaires. But I think we use the suggestion boxes and mystery shoppers most. 13. How much experience is needed to be a customer services consultant? No experience is usually needed as our new recruits are usually trained to receive the best customer service training, although we usually prefer staffs with previous experience but usually no experience is needed. Thank you for time. After analyzing this questionnaire tesco's treat their customers in a very good manner especially with the complaints depending on the situation it might as well be dealt with by the store manager which is very good for the customer and the store as the customer will be happy to explain what really happened and also the store manger will know what they did wrong there by ensuring it doesn't happen again. Also their staffs are also well trained to be a customer service consultant. They also have a safety book which tells their staffs what they need to know if any thing occurs. They also ensure their store and warehouse are kept clean and tidy to prevent accidents from occurring to both staffs and customers. ...read more.

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