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mission statement

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Mission Statement definition- A mission Statement identifies the stated objectives of a business. Tesco mission statement: Tesco's mission statement is to keep hold of the customers. They have set themselves an aim so they can monitor there progress. Tesco superstore has set themselves a plan which shows what they would like to achieve. There main seek is to retain customer's life time loyalty. This means they want the public to shop at Tesco superstores every week. Customers will shop at Tesco because stuff such as food is a consumer product. Food is brought every single day. An average U.K family of four will spend about �100 on weekly food or even more. It's not like clothes were you would purchase them every other month or so. There main aspire is to make sure that the U.K public shops at Tesco superstores all over the country. They want to make sure that they can target the public of the U.K this is a clever method as they can then get the customers constancy. Tesco have also used other schemes like a club card or loyalty card. This means that Tesco superstores can get the customers to shop at Tesco more then they are at the moment. ...read more.


The internet shopping option helps hold on to customer devotion. I think Tesco should not charge for there deliveries for the reason that they have made such a big profit of 2.2 billion pound. That just shows that Tesco are being greedy and desire more money. Also I think Tesco should stay open 24 hours a day so they don't cause large traffic jams during the peak times of the day. Shareholders: The Tesco company require for the shareholders to devote there money into there business other wise they would not of had the assets to introduce the club card and internet shopping. They convince there shareholders by giving then high dividends. Tesco have been giving large amounts of dividends year by year this encourages a majority of shareholders. Share price This source shows one of there latest share prices. 424.50p 6 Mar: 1:32pm Share prices have to be towering as this will encourage more shareholders from around the world to empower into Tesco. This graph shows the quantity of dividends a investor will get showing an raise in % over the last 6 months. Suppliers: At Tesco's suppliers are vital for them. ...read more.


They launched a new scheme of degradable plastic bags which are more environmentally better then usual plastic bags. The company has to stick to the rules and the guidelines that the government has set them. If they do not stick to the rules the government could issue Tesco with a fine and pressure groups will start to form. This could make Tesco lose their high reputation and give them bad publicity. If they get bad promotion the public that shop at Tesco will stop and go to other companies such as Asda or Sainsbury. This will make Tesco lose there status of being the leading supermarket in the U.K. This will affect the local solitary traders around in the area. As Tesco are fulfilling all their customers needs. This determination means the shareholders get more money and higher dividends. The company's sales and profit will increase so they will be able to reinvest more. And invest into the company. I think that the Tesco's company should help preserve and defend, because they have such a massive profit of �2.2 billion. If they keep on protecting the environment there market share will keep on rising. This will further make certain that they will remain the leading supermarket in Britain. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Omer Baig 1 ...read more.

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