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Molex and Human Resource Management

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Touro University International Kevin J. Hall (5332) Bus401 International Business Module 3 Case Assignment Professor: Dr. Anastasia Luca Molex and Human Resource Management As today's global economic evolution stirs interest in worldwide expansion, the ongoing information revolution is shrinking the market place through a global business environment. This environment, a tossed salad of cultures, must be nourished by building a human resource function that is flexible, adapt, able, and focused on attracting, motivating, mobilizing, and retaining global human capital. The alignment of key human resource functions more closely with overall corporate strategy enables theses businesses to greater capitalize on people: the greatest, most important asset of a company. This is where Molex leads the way. Molex is a plastic material developed by the late Frederick August Krehbiel. In 1938, he founded the Molex Products Company in Brookfield, Illinois to manufacture a variety of products from this material, including clock cases, flower pots, valve wheels and salt tablet dispensers. In 1940 one of Frederick's sons, John H. ...read more.


Molex has a number of attractive performance appreciation and recognition programs to recognize and to reward significant employee contribution. These include performance bonuses, stock option plan, stock purchase plan, individual and team stock awards. Outstanding Molex employees may be offered cross-function, regional and international career opportunities as well. Not only does Molex focus internally, they believe the customer is king. "There's a strong focus on service right now. The companies that are more flexible and react to quick turnarounds will be the ones to do better. The Molex culture is built on the fact that the customer is king and comes before all of us. The company honors personal commitment, hard work, a sense of urgency in everything, and respect for the world's different cultures. Here, no single individual can ascribe success to himself," said Joe King, vice chairman and chief executive of Molex Inc., Lisle, Ill. Molex's strategic target and focus are its customers; and the worldwide operating philosophy and commitment is total customer satisfaction. ...read more.


To enable top managers; the company's chairman, COO, executive vice president, corporate VP of HR and VP of HR, and other senior executives of the local entity and the region, to stay focused and in tune with the companies goals, they hold an annual communication meeting. They spend a day at each location touring the factory, looking at new equipment and facilities and meeting with employees. "Our annual communications meetings ensure that our employees know they're a part of something much bigger than their local entities. They know our history, our performance, and our plans for the future. This, combined with frequent contact among our employees from entities around the world and common practices, helps maintain our culture and strengthen a global team of employees," says Roth. It is this human resource policy that is the one, singular, most important success Molex achieved. They found a way for individuals with varying backgrounds and perspectives to work together while maximizing the energy of the individuals throughout the company's global operations and limiting financial obstacles that result from the transportation of individuals from one place to another. Molex says it best themselves, "Molex: Bringing People & Technology Together, Worldwide. ...read more.

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