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Motivation Report - Motivating staff is an important job if you want your staff to work effectively and to the best standard possible.

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Motivation Report Motivating staff is an important job if you want your staff to work effectively and to the best standard possible. Motivation isn't just increasing pay, thus giving the employee a little something extra to work towards. Companies are always finding new ways of motivating their staff. These include: * Appreciation of staff * Aiming for success * A structure makes promotion within reach * Monetary and Non-monetary benefits There is a big difference between monetary and non-monetary rewards. Monetary benefits involve money. These could include company cars or something as simple as a lunch voucher. Non-monetary rewards are rewards not involving financial aspects of pay. These could include additional responsibility or flexitime. ...read more.


They want to be actively part of a family or group. 2 - Esteem needs - This relates to status or a good reputation. People need to know they are respected and acknowledged. 1 - Self-actualization - People set themselves targets and attempt to reach them. These targets are never actually fully met. Motivating staff is a way to try and improve the output of employees. The aim is to try and reduce labor turnover and increase the output of stock. This begs the question of cost. Although some motivators cost a lot of money they don't actually motivate them to the best standard. Some of the less expensive motivation techniques may motivate better than their higher priced counterparts. ...read more.


Depending on what motivation methods are used, the cost of motivating the staff will range. All the non-financial benefits that are the most common motivators used wouldn't cost much money, if any at all. The financial benefits are the costly ones, but all of the people who received these benefits, were motivated by them, according to the class survey. This may cost money, but in some cases, it is money extremely well spent as the workers' hard work could bring in additional revenue for the company. A company knows what will motivate staff, by studying successful companies with a low labour turnover. Also, a company can study facts, in a similar way to what I have done in this assignment and ask the workers what they would like to see implemented. ...read more.

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