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Moving towards a modern HR department.

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Moving towards a modern HR department * Promoting the company culture * Marketing the company as an employer * Organisation structure * Developing staff management * People data * Communication systems * Reward systems Defining and promoting company culture Marketing the company as an employer HR people should have a very keen understanding of three areas: 1. What is the purpose of the organisation they work for ? What is the culture that enables that purpose to be maintained ? 2. What is the work that people are employed to do in the organisation ? 3. As an employer, what positively distinguishes my organisation from others in the market-place ? Unfortunately, a lot of people in support roles do not appreciate that whatever their company makes or sells, the main purpose of a private sector organisation is make a healthy and reliable profit. ...read more.


One of primary roles of HR is to market the employment culture of their organisation to current and prospective employees, and to link the ambitions of managers and employees to the goals of the organisation. Organisation structure Flexible organisation structures are becoming a textbook topic in the Unites States. The more established the structure, the more difficult it is to change. Clearly, the structure is primarily the responsibility of top management. As organisations now use organic, acquisition and divestment strategies to meet their goals, HR cannot be left out of the design process whatever their position in the top management structure. Developing staff management People have always been a key resource in any organisation, so I have always believed that the management of people is of strategic importance. The HR function has often been too immersed in the tactical activity of employment to be influential in how people are used to reach the organisation's goals. ...read more.


We can be a huge influence on the organisation if we manage the core staff database, and help managers to set measures of performance and benchmarks through that. Employee Communications Strategy and Practice In the next century, internal communications will become a critical area of performance. Managers from Marketing Communications, IT and Human Resources will vie to become wholly responsible for this key operational area. HR is in a position to take strategic responsibility for internal communications. Reward Systems One of the traditional HR areas which is increasingly important is reward systems. Employees must value the rewards they receive, must link their performance with rewards, and feel that rewards for good performance is under their control. Managers must manage their staff's expectations. HR must create the systems to deliver rewards that are aligned to organisational goals. In this model, Employee Relations has a broad customer facing role and is responsible for staffing, developing staff management, employee communications, and promoting the employment culture of the organisation. Paul Strange July 2003 ...read more.

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