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Multinational Companies and Fairtrade Evaluation.

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My Research Evaluation The trading system in the UK is based on free trade and it is very unfair. MNC (Multinational Companies) such as Nike's headquarters are based on MEDCs (More Economically Developed Countries) such as UK, USA and their companies are based on LEDCs (Less Economically Developed Countries) such as Bangladesh. They treat their company workers very differently and unfairly by paying them very small amount of money. This sort of treatment is over looked by the WTO (World Trade Organisation). They have been portrayed by as the police of the trading system. But in recent years, they have received a large amount of criticism from the public and the media about favouring MEDCs. ...read more.


Many people around the world thinks that this is very unfair and Primark should be paying them much higher. Nike also exploits their workers in a very similar way. There is an organisation set up to fit injustice in Nikes sweatshops they are called team sweat. Team sweat has been monitoring the sweatshops in LEDCs owned by Nike and has tried to gain the worker's wages. Team Sweat is still confident that they can change it. The co-operative is a fair trade shop where all their products are acquired via Fair-trade. I have done a little bit if research into a man that joined the co-operative fair-trade. ...read more.


He is now living a very happy and comfortable life. This just shows how much the fair-trade system can work and how useful and precious it is for the workers in LEDCs. There are many workers in LEDCs who are suffering their lives out there and the only thing that they can do to live their life is by doing their worr. Their work is their only choice and they can't leave and look for another one like in MEDC because either it is too far from where they live or they can't find one. In my opinion, this trading system needs to stop now or the owners of MNCs should pay their workers higher and make it fairer. This is not going to be easy and will take a lot of time but it needs to change now. ...read more.

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