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My aims and objectives are to have a good sturdy first year and at least make 20% profit in my first 6 months. Also one of my aims to get alot of good feedback from customers about my advertising campaign, so Iknow that I has been worth while campaign...

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Introduction I am a GCSE student studying business studies it at Chatham House Grammar school. The task that I have been set by the exam board is to either find a gap in the trade market or launch a knew product. In the whole area of Thanet there is only a few shops that stock American sports goods and I think that this area of the market could be exploited. The way I have researched this shop is through the Internet using Yell.com researching the other competitors around Thanet. Where the circle is where the business will be situated. Opposite WhSmith on Ramsgate high street. Also on Ramsgate high street this is were I will conduct my survey. In the Ramsgate high street at the moment there is only 2 sports equipment shops and these only sell a very selective amount of clothing for instance tennis rackets and soccer balls are quite well stocked up. ...read more.


My business will be set-up through me asking certain shareholders to invest their money early into the business giving me enough capital to give easily enough to allow for wages and store purchasing. Also another aim is to keep of my electricity and other essential resources to keep a business going to the minimum. I am going to launch a American Sporting goods store situated on Ramsgate High Street. I am going to sell goods of this sort. Which you can only find in the U.S so I will order these and hopefully they will produce a steady turnover. The competitors situated in Ramsgate high street are First Sport this has been running for just under a year and Warrerners, which has been running for just over a year taking over from Deccar Sports I think my sports store will take of very well. First Sport sell very little products that I would sell but the equipment they sell is quite expensive and I would charge a lot less. ...read more.


8) Were do you think the shop could be situated?................................................ 9) What would you suggest for advertising techniques? Tv Newspaper Billboards Local radio Internet 10) To help with price specification could you please state what you are willing to pay for certain products. * A pair of Tn trainers � .............................. * A tee shirt of an American football team � ................................. * An American soccer shirt �........................ * A Baseball Bat � ............................................. * A Shorty's Skateboard �.............................. Thankyou for you time and courtesy. I'm sure this will help me the up most. Jordon Powell Retail Survey In my investigation I am looking into the question "is their a gap in the market", I have conducted a relevant survey in Ramsgate high street, this was to count up how many shops, I took down the relevant information such as names of shops the type of business they carried out and the industrial sector each shop fits into. After collecting the results I put them onto a database on (Microsoft excel). I transferred the data into a table so I could get a clearer view of types of ownership e.g. PLC, LTD. ...read more.

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