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My Business Plan, Aims and Legislation

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A Marketing Campaign For A Women's Gym Aims of Business Short Term Aims: - to survive (keeping customers for the second year) - to make a profit Long Term Aims - to expand across the country as a franchise - to expand overseas Business Plan Name of business Diana (provisional) final name to be decided following market research Type of organisation Sole trader Business aim to provide a women only gymnasium with associated classes appealing to all sections of society The Product Membership of gym, assess to specialist classes, cresh and social setting. The Price * �92 per month for a 12 month package * �46 per month for a 12 month package, week days only, 9:30am - 4:30pm * �276 per year for first 500 students * discount in order to maintain customer loyalty: 20% off second year * �6 - �18 for hour session classes, on a 13 week course. prices vary with size of class, type of equipment involved and expertise of instructor * low-priced caf� during daytime; higher-priced bar in evenings. The market aimed for Women with a disposable income. Mothers with young children, mothers with children who are at school during the day, retired women, working women of all ages, Muslim women and female students. Market research undertaken and the results * Research on what names for the gym would appeal to all the sections of the target market. ...read more.


C. The benefits of location 'C' is that it is near the edge of town where land is very cheap and there is plenty room for expansion. Car parking spaces is cheapest of the three locations. But it is not within walking distance for very many people and it is not very visible. People who want to go to the gym often walk or cycle and location 'C' is a little too far away from its target market. The area does not seem as safe as the other location or well lit later on in the day and as the gym for women, they will not feel safe going home at night. I have chosen that location B for my business Legislation Planning permission If a building has a change of use, planning permission is needed. My proposed business location was a gym in the past so I do not need to apply for it. Health and safety Direct.gov says that a business as big as mine should have "a formal health and safety policy, including arrangements to protect (employee/customer) health and safety" Mine will include such things as all equipment, in the gym, having clear instructions on how to use them and available staff who understand the basics of the machinery to keep an eye on things. Prior to registering, all customers should have fitness checks to make sure that it is safe for them to be using the exercising equipment. ...read more.


If you are not currently a member of a gym, then what are your reasons? ? Not interested in gyms ? It is too expensive ? It is too posh ? It is too far away from where I live ? I do not have the time for it. ? Inhibited about exercising in front of men ? Bad facilities 5. If you are a member of a gym then rank the following reasons in order of importance ? The good facilities ? The staff quality ? Presence of pool ? Price ? Distance from home ? The large range of classes ? D�cor ? The other cliental 6. How often do you visit your gym or think you might visit the all women gym ? Once or twice a month ? Once or twice a week ? Three to five times a week ? Everyday ? Twice a day ? Never 7. Which THREE of the following would you consider the most significant basis in a gym ? Swimming pool ? Women only ? Bar/Caf� ? Opening early in the morning ? Open until late in the day ? Wide range of equipment ? Wide range of classes ? Free parking ? Cresh 8. How far would you be willing to travel to get to a gym? 9. If it was much cheaper to visit the gym only on weekdays from 9:30am - 4:30pm would you be likely to take advantage of it? ? Yes ? No ?? ?? ?? ?? Becky ...read more.

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