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My Business Studies assignment is to create a small scale Marketing Campaign for a new retail Business that I will be opening a Snooker Club to be called Club Snooker 147. Club Snooker 147

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My Business Studies assignment is to create a small scale Marketing Campaign for a new retail Business that I will be opening a Snooker Club to be called Club Snooker 147. Club Snooker 147 will allow customers to play Snooker and Pool at reasonable prices that will give customers value for their money. I also intend to have a small shop on site where I will sell Snooker equipment and Memorabilia. I will also sell Snooker Tables that customers will be able to order via the clubs website or by phone. My fundamental approach is to be market orientated. Therefore as part of by Business Plan there will be a fundamental program of research. On the basis of my research I will adjust my Marketing Campaign to get to the largest possible consumer market that will become potential customers. Due to the fact that there are already many snooker clubs in the areas around the City Centre. I will be situating my business in Small Heath on the busy Coventry Road away from any major competition and where Club Snooker 147 will be the only club with the facilities shown above. From my local knowledge I know there is a nieche in the local area for a Snooker Club. The nearest Snooker Club is also over a mile away so I have a large potential market. The area where my business will be also has many other big shops ad retailers such as ASDA, Morrisons and Big Woolworths. Originally I will arrange a short term lease of the premises to observe how my business prospers. To make my business successful I am considering to : * Provide customers with private rooms where Music can be played along with the television so they can entertain themselves and their associates. * Provide customers with private tuition so they can learn how to play the game and then continue coming to play at the club. ...read more.


This is one of the main and most recognised ways of promoting a business and most use this as their main promotional strategy. The ultimate aim of advertising is to sell more products. Advertising can be used to make customers aware of new products, to remind consumers about existing products, to persuade consumers to switch from rival products or to improve the image of the business. There are also two types of advertising which are informative and persuasive. Informative adverts simply describe the product and its features in an impressive sounding way and leaves consumers free to make their own decisions about the product. Persuasive adverts try to convince the consumer that they cannot survive without the product. There are also a huge variety of ways and media a business can use to advertise including television, radio, newspapers etc. I will be using this promotional method for my club because it is the main way for me to promote my club. It has a lot of advantages to it and is a really good way to make people aware of my club. I am opening up as a new business and people won't be aware of this and I need to make the club seem attractive with good tables and facilities and so advertising will give my club recognition and popularity and I will be able to bring a lot more customers to the club. I could use informative adverts at the start to tell people about my club and its features to gain customers but then after I could use persuasive adverts to convince and persuade people to come to the club and away from competitors. Other below the line promotion strategies I could use that don't depend on the media are: DISCOUNTS - This is self explanatory and is when a firm gives the customers a decreased amount to pay for a product and so this will attract more customers and more products will be sold. ...read more.


This is my marketing strategy for my snooker club that I had been working towards and it is very detailed explaining every aspect of how I am going to make this snooker club work and get it into business. Field and desk research has been used including results of my market research questionnaire and from this I have found out who my customers are and what they want and with other desk research and own knowledge on how to make the club successful I have come to develop a marketing strategy for the snooker club. I am quite sure that my business venture and this marketing strategy will be a success. I have used a wide range of sources and gathered information from these to create my marketing strategy. I used web sites on the Internet: http://www. gcsebitesize. co. uk http://www.google.com I used these sites to help me through my coursework and help me find out more on marketing and the marketing mix including market research, pricing and promotional strategies and also the range of media I could use to promote the club. These were very helpful in telling me definitions of key terms and strategies and so I could decide with the information I got if I should use particular strategies for my club. I also used the CGP textbook to find research on marketing and the market research I could use. Other web sites I used were: http://www.rileys.co.uk http://www.147.co.uk I used these web sites to give me an idea of other snooker clubs and how they work. I got an idea of what my competitors and other snooker clubs were offering and also how they advertise and make use of the Internet to tell people about their business and so from this I could make my club different to theirs and make it unique to attract a wide range of customers. ?? ?? ?? ?? BUSINESS STUDIES COURSEWORK - CLUB SNOOKER 147 2 MOHAMMAD ADNAN NASRULLAH - 10.26 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Marketing and Markets section.

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