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My name is Kamran Hussain and my role is to be a business consultant for M&M and my job is to help M&Ms business to aim the objectives where they need help on which are the following:

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My role My name is Kamran Hussain and my role is to be a business consultant for M&M and my job is to help M&M's business to aim the objectives where they need help on which are the following: * Attract new market share segments - this is where if a company wants to have a new target audience for example M&M wants to diversify their product range in order to get a new target audience. For example when pizza hut tries to sell pasta. * Increase awareness of their brand - this is when to make the product noticeable where people do above the line promotion which is advertising. * Increase market share - this is where people want to increase the amount of market share of their company as which they are different of ways of doing so. For example when domino's pizza is trying to have a larger market share than pizza hut. * Increase sales - this is when a business try to increase the amount of sales in order to raise amount of profit. * Increase profits - is done when increasing the amount of the profits * Beat their competitors - this is when the business trying different strategies such as destroyer pricing. * Continue to expand- this when a business does an expansion for example when a business introduces a new service. I will discuss each of the strategies down below and decide which will be benefiting and will have my solution when I have then explained each advantages and disadvantages and talk about the reliability and the validity. * Diversify by becoming restaurant that also offers a take-away service * Introduce a "loyalty card" scheme * Diversify by offering healthy eating options My investigation M&M have to achieve these aims for order to survive and should be aware that they should know that their on a competition environment. ...read more.


Promotions with each of the businesses are effective as each of the businesses has a special offer which is below-the-line. But both pizza hut and domino's pizza have above-the-line promotions which are advertising by TV, newspapers and more. The reason why they have promotion often because to attract their target market and make the business appealing for example having a celebrity in the advertisement. Marketing mix- In marketing a new product, the business must put together the right combination: * the right product * at the right price * in the place * Using the best method to promote the product to meet the wants and needs of the target market. These factor- product, price, place and promotion - are often called the 4Ps. different goods and services need appropriate emphases for each of the 4Ps. To attract the target market, the marketing mix must be right. Businesses hope that by getting the marketing mix right they will have a competitive edge over their rivals. Large companies will often employ specialist firms such as market research agencies and advertising agencies to help them put together the right marketing mix. The various measures taken by a business to satisfy customer needs are together known as its marketing strategy. M&M's marketing mix- Promotion- M&M has done a promotion by above-the-line advertising which is national TV national newspaper. The advertising mentions the businesses goods which are high quality pizza and maybe the services they might do. They might do below-the-line to get the consumers' attention to the new offers what the business wants to offer. Product- Business is making attractive packages for goods, so that it will appeal to consumers. They are trying to make the good at a high quality as they are selling high quality pizza. Consumers care about the quality of the product, so product is their main concern from the 4ps. Price- As this is business sells only high quality pizza that means that the cost of the pizza is at a high price. ...read more.


Then this will make a less chance on a takeover. Having a less market share doesn't help the business to deal with its competitors. This will lead of having the business to fail and losing their capital in the same time. Also having all outlets been taken away and the staff in the company lose their jobs. The causes are maybe because of cash flow problem or the An annual report as well as annual accounts must be sent to all shareholders. These are also available for the general public and competitors to see. So then M&M's competitors will think of different strategies to beat M&M. Advantages of franchising The franchisor can expand quickly without the need for a lot of capital; this point being is because raising profit for the company is mainly the franchisee's concern. Franchisee will have a good chance for success because of the company's name and logo. This will make the franchisee motivated and that will make the outlets to earn money and that will make a lot of money for the company as a whole. A good idea for the company is that to place near the target market. Disadvantages of franchising For example if the franchisee had given a product to the consumer which is not fit for purpose like for example a consumer found hair on the food what M&M provides, which is basically breaking the consumer protection law. When this will happen the business will lose their customers. They will probably get sued and will have to go to court. This will also disappoint the franchisor and will lose their trust between the franchisee and franchisor. This have the franchisor lose their capital which will be not his fault. To prevent this franchisee and the franchisor has to have trust; also the franchisor has to believe that the franchisee can run the outlet without any errors. However a careless franchisor may do an error and the reputation of the business name and the franchise. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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