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My role is to undertake a period of work experience, using primary research and any other contacts I might have to collect data and opinions about the implementation of key areas of human resources management business in my area.

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Human resources assignment Interim 1 My role is to undertake a period of work experience, using primary research and any other contacts I might have to collect data and opinions about the implementation of key areas of human resources management business in my area. I will need to request a variety of documents and information to assist me with my brief. I must maintain the cooperation and the confidence of the business at all times. I have been placed at DBF associates for my two weeks work experience. DBF Associates is an accountancy firm. Britain's businesses operate in increasingly competitive markets. In order to achieve a greater market share, all elements of the firm must remain as competitive as possible. Usually businesses analyse all parts of the firms operation to ensure that standards and costs are as good as, if not better then, the overseas competition. The government has invested heavily in training and education to try to make sure that the human resource element of British business is not left behind in context to the rest of the business world. The government feels that without an understanding of the value of people to a business, many firms may never catch up to foreign competition. To try to monitor and evaluate their progress firms have made with the competitiveness of their HR department. The government has instructed the trade and industry secretary, Stephen Byers to look into how well people management actually takes place across a range of firms. The human resources function engages in many activities such as hiring and firing employees, staff training and development. These activities are carried out with the aim of contributing to the achievements of the business objectives. The human resources department will be involved in: - > Human Resources planning > Equal opportunities > Recruitment and selection > Motivation > Job analysis and job evaluation > Performance appraisal > Employee welfare, benefits and compensation > Payment systems > Health and safety > Industrial relations > Discipline Human Resources Planning Its main role is to manage the firms Human Resources. ...read more.


Reasonably practicable means that it is accepted that the risks of hazard can be weighed against the cost of prevention. The main provisions of the act are: - > Firms must provide all necessary equipment and clothing free of charge. > Employers must provide a safe working environment. > All firms with five or more employees must have a written safety policy on display. > Union- appointed safety representatives have the right to investigate and inspect the work place and the cause of any accidents. Responsibilities of the human resource function The human resources manager is responsible for a variety of human resources functions including: - Manpower planning- forecasting the number and type of staff the organisation needs in the future. Attracting sufficient candidates: candidates with the right qualities so that the organisation can select the best people for the job. A company needs sufficient candidates with the right qualities so that the worker can work to the best of their ability. This can save a company from training the workers. Training and developing: training and developing staff so that they can perform to the highest level possible. Training is important for the workers so that the workers know what they are doing, so that they have no need to constantly be supervised. Designing jobs: Designing jobs that are stimulating and interesting so that the organisation gets the best out of people. This will be difficult for an accountancy firm because all the work involves using maths and I.T skills. Ensuring that organisational structures and procedures allow employees to express their views, ideas, complaints and worries. Designing ways of introducing and managing change that minimise any negative impact on individuals and groups. Providing fair and legal procedures for discipline and grievances and ensuring that they are applied uniformly throughout the organisation. Keeping within the law on issues such as health and safety, equal opportunities, gender and race discrimination. ...read more.


the implications for DBF associates are: - Table four shows the population aged 16 and over by gender and ethnic group, March 2000 to February 2001. The table shows that in total there are more female workers then male. There were also more white female workers than male workers. There are more Asian workers then there are white workers. This is the case at DBF associates because there are more Asian male workers then there are Asian female workers. DBF associates should employ more female workers (Asian and white). This would solve the problem of there only being one main culture at DBF associates, this would also motivate workers because there would be an equal spread of workers in terms of culture. This pattern is also shown at DBF associates because there are more white female workers then Asian female workers. There are three white females working at DBF associate and only two Asian female workers. There are more Asian male workers then there are Asian female workers. There are two Asian female workers at DBF and there are eight Asian male workers at DBF. DBF associates should have more Asian women and more white women employed because there are more Asian men working there. Table five shows working age employment and employment rate by gender and ethnic group. This shows that there are more male workers then there are female workers. This is the case at DBF associates as there are more male (15) workers than female (6) workers. To overcome this problem, I think that DBF associates should recruit more female workers. Table six shows the working age employment and economically active by population by highest qualification and gender. All origins and cultures besides white have fewer workers. In fact not enough to put on the table. This is the total opposite of DBF because there are more workers that are Asian then there are white workers. I think that DBF associates should employ more white workers to get rid of this problem of not enough of one culture and too much of another culture. Nasir Ayub 1 ...read more.

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