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n this unit, I will be investigating two businesses namely, Boots and Pwc and providing information about the Business as a whole

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Contents Page Task One Task Two Task Three Task Four Bibliography Appendix Introduction In this unit, I will be investigating two businesses namely, Boots and Pwc and providing information about the Business as a whole. I will provide graphs and other source based information to show the things that are involved with both businesses. Task One 1.1 Boots is a public limited company which is well known for selling health and beauty products. This Company manufactures and supplies products for health care, dental care, baby care and many other major health accessories. As Boots offers many different services, there are various different departments within its stores. Take for instance, Boots Retail international; this department takes responsibility for internationalising the Boots retail brand: it consists of 28 stores in total, has employed 871 pharmacists and has an annual turnover of 15.8 whereas, Boots Opticians who are indeed one of the UK's largest chains of opticians has 298 stores, 4526 employees and has an annual turnover of 194.It is in general, very inviting and so, gets many customers to visit its stores. Boots in general, employ over 4,000 pharmacists and therefore, sells its products very fast in over 130 countries. I happened to find this information by looking into the PriceWaterhouseCoppers website: Pwc.co.uk. Boots has been well established and one of the things this company is well known for is its services. Boots focuses on many different areas. Its main areas are listed below: * Boots retail * Boots Retail international * Boots healthcare international * Boots contact manufacturing Boots Retail- This part of the business includes the Boots stores and this section offers products for healthcare, beauty, toiletries, baby, food, photography, opticians and dental care. As it specifies in these main areas, it can provide its customers with any essentials needed. To sum up what has just been said, I can briefly give clarity to the fact that Boots Retail is part of the larger group and because this department is able to sell many products, it can meet its customers needs quite easily. ...read more.


* Negotiating * Appraising Operation This area of the business is vital in that it makes sure there are enough of the inputs, and that they are of sufficient quality. The operations department organises and uses a variety of resources including people, premises and equipment. Other than this, this area will also be able to organise and oversee the actual production process. Operations manufacture products, goods and services by distributing the best use of the various inputs that are needed. These are: * Land * Equipment * People * Materials Customer Service This is where members of staff provide special assistance for customers who are experiencing severe problems with a particular product or service. For instance, a customer may have purchased a product which doesn't fulfil the qualities they had hoped for and so, this customer may want to return the product. Because of this, the staffs are expected to satisfy the customer with a refund or exchange if necessary. The main services which a customer would expect are: * The provision of information * The ability to give advice * Financial services such as the provision of credit facilities * Delivery or easy availability of products * The provision of after-sales service. Administration This area deals with essential tasks which are there to help the business run smoothly. An example of this work would be, writing letters, answering telephone calls and dealing with other paperwork such as filling and record-keeping. The administration organisation can be referred to as the 'scaffolding' or 'skeleton' that hold the organisation together. This organisation can also be considered as the place to make the best use of information technology. The things that are covered in the administration department are the following: * The size of administration * Traditional areas * Typing * Record-keeping * Mail * Meetings * Function rooms * Video-conferencing * Responding to enquiries * Health and safety * IT support * Cleaning, security and premises maintenance * Engine oil Many Businesses like Boots will have internal customers and so many people may have to deal with customers within their own companies. ...read more.


Also it could be said that the level of job satisfaction is decreasing. Job satisfaction describes how content an individual is with his or her job and if this is decreasing then this could lead to an even bigger increase of unemployment because people could become so fed up with their job which could amount to them quitting. Not only could these but scientific factors also influence a business like Boots. For example green issues like the green house affect are causing the environment to waste energy and so this means that more money would be needed to pay for central heating and other gas related supplies in big companies like boots. Also these green issues are affecting wildlife and definitely causing pollution. This may result in the area where Boots or Pwc has related their business being corrupted. With the carbon footprint, Carbon emissions are increasingly resulting in financial costs for companies. Pwc would also have many competitors that would be considered as external influences. These competitors include: the other "big three" firms; Ernst Young Deloitte KPMG For instance, Ernst Young would be a huge competitor of Pwc because they both uphold services that deal with capitalism and other major financial issues. As evidence to this, Pwc was attacked since chairman of the big four firm attacked Pwc's mathematical model that predicted the firms audit fees rose from 12% from one year to the next following the merger of Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand in 1998, due to market concentration. This is an example of how the rivals between Pwc and its competitors can result in serious consequences for the businesses reputation. As mentioned before there are several factors that could affect a business including the affect of; green issues. Pwc could also be affected because of levels of unemployment since they are a business that is their to help society financially they as a business could be taken advantage of when it comes to paying taxes and their willingness to give money to those on benefits. ...read more.

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