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National Westminster Bank

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National Westminster Bank Operations Management BSS21-3 99077711 A Written Analysis of the Case: "National Westminster Bank" May 2004 Contents 1. Introduction The purpose of this report is to analyse the case "National Westminster Bank" (David Woodgate and Nigel Slack, 1992), in order to identify any existing and potential problems, then after careful consideration recommend possible courses of action to rectify them. During the review of the organisation described in the case, the key issues will be identified and then related to relevant theory. Analysis will then be made of all relevant factors and recommendations will be made after consideration of all factors. Overview of the Case The case study to be analysed focuses on the St James's Square branch of the National Westminster Bank in London's West End. The case gives a clear and concise representation of the bank's structure giving detailed descriptions of the all the employees roles and functions and an organisation chart. The focus is then applied to the Records Section and account opening procedure, which is where the problems are found and complaints have been registered. ...read more.


* 24 per cent found the opening procedure unsatisfactory.1 * The Records Section was considered by staff to have a higher workload than other sections resulting in low morale and the consistent need to work overtime. * Pressure of work is considered to be high and erratic possibly resulting in mistakes to the detriment of the customers and the rest of the organisation. * Records Section staff were required to cover cashiers during the busy lunch period which is also their busiest period. Consequences As stated above, in an industry with many competitors offering very similar products, any competitive advantage is greatly beneficial. Therefore the problems with customer service may ultimately result in a reduction of market share. A competitive advantage can be provided by efficient performance at the five competitive objectives: Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost. The branch is currently under performing in the following; * Quality: 19 per cent of customers surveyed found that personal details had been wrongly recorded, acknowledged as the most important of the customer's requirements. ...read more.


Forms the justification for the recommendations that you eventually present to the reader. 5. Recommendations Clear statement as to which alternative to follow. Acknowledges drawbacks/problems with the choice - advises how such drawbacks can be dealt with. This section sells the report so it must be explicitly clear. It also follows logically from the previous analysis and so should not contain any 'new surprises' or indeed fresh analysis. 6. Bibliography 1. Gerry Johnson & Kevan Scholes (2002) Exploring Corporate Strategy Sixth Edition. London: Prentice Hall. 2. Henry Mintzberg, James Brian Quinn, & Sumantra Ghoshal (1995) The Strategy Process: European Edition London: Prentice-Hall 3. http://www.bankreview.org.uk/ 4. http://www.bankfacts.org.uk/ 5. www.LemonAid.net (National Association of Bank and Insurance Customers) 6. news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business Appendices Should only be relevant to the report and must not be used as an 'overflow' section if the word limit has been breached (note, this section does not count in the word limit). Often this section of a report is not read, so do not hide valuable information here and expect the reader to find it! It is the responsibility of the report writer to bring all the key issues and information clearly to the attention of the reader. ...read more.

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