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NEED: Design situation Target market groups User's needs Ways of gathering information Reasons for choice of design situation The reasons I chose this design situation are: * I thought I'd find creating sweet canap�s interesting as I enjoy helping my mum make savoury canap�s and we rarely make sweet canap�s as we don't have time. * From my research I know that there's a gap in the market for sweet canap�s. * Making canap�s can be completed during a one hour practical lesson and enable me to complete my coursework to a high standard in the given time. * I need a wide range of tools and equipment to make sweet canap�s but all the equipment that I need is available at school, at home, or in local cook shops. * I need luxury ingredients for my canap�s; all the ingredients I need are available locally in supermarkets and cook shops. * Sweet canap�s will challenge the cooking skills I already know and develop my knowledge and understanding and also teach me new skills. ...read more.


The sweet canap�s I did find were very original and old fashioned such as 'Mini sweet pastry slices' and 'Mini jam doughnuts'. I found no sweet canap�s in the supermarkets that had a cake mixture base or meringue base. All the sweet canap�s I found were very similar, and they didn't contain a variety of ingredients. All the canap�s I found looked insipid and didn't look appetising or appealing to the eye as they didn't contain much colour such as fresh fruit. The canap�s I found were mainly creamy; there wasn't any fruity or chocolaty canap�s available. They didn't contain many luxury ingredients such as nuts fruit and alcohol that would add to the flavour, texture and appearance of the product. I found very few sweet canap�s even after looking in the freezer section of the supermarkets; I did find cakes such as 'Mr Kippling Apple pies' but they were too big to be served as canap�s. ...read more.


Most of the women said they wanted high quality up market canap�s that they can serve at their drinks parties. They suggested that the types of canap�s should be varied and should contain a wide variety of base mixtures such as different types of pastry, meringue and cake mixtures. The target market group said that they'd like to see sweet canap�s with luxurious ingredients such as alcohol and fruit; they'd like them to contain luxurious ingredients because they're more appetising and appealing. The target audience would also like the sweet canap�s to contain fruit to make them healthy and provide them with one of their five a day. Research to be done What I need to find out Research method Consumers/ busy adults that entertain requirements for sweet canap�s Questionnaire, Interview, Taste testing Similar existing sweet canap�s on sale and their packaging Disassembly, market research in supermarkets How sweet canap�s are massed produced and what ingredients are used Internet, Books, CD-ROM, DVD/Video Healthy eating needs for adults Internet, Books, Leaflets, CD-ROM ...read more.

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