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Negotiating a Starting Salary

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Negotiating a Starting Salary By Karl Brinkhoff Susan Gifford BU 330 Human Resource Management November 1, 2004 With internet access available to nearly everyone, job seekers are armed with more information than ever before. Information can be obtained for job openings, job descriptions, and even salaries. Sometimes when filling out an application, a box will ask for a salary desired. Some advertisements ask to send your resume with salary requirements. These are sometimes tough questions to answer. How much does that job normally pay? Is the job applicant worth the top pay? This paper will explore the various factors involved when attempting to negotiate a starting salary. Topics such as helpful internet sources will be introduced, along with salary ranges, and helpful interview techniques will be discussed to better position one self to obtain the salary desired. Some basic concepts should be understood before attempting to negotiate a starting salary. First of all realize that a job in New York City will most likely pay more than the same job in rural Ohio. Geographic locations and cost-of-living play a major role when determining salaries. For example, comparisons were made for an entry level job as a bank teller in Elyria, Ohio and New York, New York. ...read more.


This can be job security, regular raises to position you higher in the salary range, or any number of things (www.Hotjobs.com). Trying to determine your salary range may seem overwhelming but it can be done. For those who can afford to, hiring an expert is sometimes an option. Executives will do this on occasion. Various sources are available such as, coaches, compensation consultants and employment attorneys. These experts can do the legwork for you and many times dig a little deeper into the company in which you are interested. Their reach goes a little further than the average person due to their extensive network. These paid experts will analyze the data they receive and then meet with the job applicant to see how this fits in with their own financial needs. A major benefit that comes with these experts is the coaching you'll receive before you begin your negotiation process, which can help in receiving the highest pay in the pay range (www.Hotjobs.com). Once a job applicant has an accurate salary range, he or she is better prepared to negotiate when it comes time to interview. The interview is the best time to present your abilities to the organization. ...read more.


First, if the offer is truly unacceptable to you be prepared to deal with the consequences, meaning not getting the job. Second, tell the interviewer exactly what is lacking in the initial offer. It can be any number of things: money, vacations, and responsibilities, whatever the issue is the job applicant needs to communicate specifically what it is. Third, give a proposed solution. Tell them exactly what it will take to make it a "done deal". Let them know that if this can be done you will start work right away. The employer would be more likely to try and make it happen if they know you are serious. Lastly, appeal to their power and position in the company. Say something like, "If you have the power...". Most managers will enjoy the positive comment and if they can get it done for you they will (www.collegegrad.com). These negotiating techniques highlight just some of ways a job applicant can better position themselves for a better starting salary. Salary wizards on the internet will give you a pay range. Various articles at career related web sites can give you some valuable insights. And of course your local library will always have books on hand to guide you through your job and salary search as you prepare yourself for the challenges of the working world of the 21st century. ...read more.

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