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CASE NUMBER # 1.2 CASE NAME "NIKE SPRINTS AHEAD OF COMPETITION, YET HAS A LONG WAY TO RUN" Submitted by Indrajit Rau (56) Jayanta Bhattarcharjee (57) Justin.P.Sam (61) Ruchi (119) Q1.) Should Nike switch from a focus on celebrities to a focus on its products in its advertising? Discuss the role of marketing research in helping the Nike management to make this decision. What kind of research should be undertaken? Answer:- Yes, it should change its focus from celebrities to its product as we can see that the Nike Shox was a run away success in U.K and U.S. Marketing research will help Nike management to find out eh effectiveness of celebrities focused adds to product feature adds. Descriptive research should be undertaken as it gives a conclusive result. Q2.) Discuss the buying behavior of consumer with respect to athletic footwear. Answer: - People buy things for obvious and hidden reasons. The importance of the product determines the amount of thought and effort into the purchase. ...read more.


A good heel counter will help prevent the feet from over pronation or supination. Midsole-the area between the tread and the cloth upper of the shoe. This is the most important component of any footwear. Midsoles are made of a variety of materials that give the shoe greater or lesser degrees of cushioning, support, and flexibility. Insole-the area inside the shoe, on the bottom, where the sole of the foot is in contact with the shoe. It should contour comfortably to the foot. It is designed to reduce shear forces between the foot and the shoe and provide some shock absorption. Toebox-the entire area that surrounds the toes. The toe box should provide adequate room for the toes to move freely. Wiggling and bending the toes at the knuckles should be unrestricted. Conversely, too much space will cause shifting and discomfort. There should be approximately one half to a full thumb's width between the end of the longest toe to the end of the toe box. ...read more.


Q5.) Develop two suitable research questions and formulate two hypotheses for each. Answer: - a.) Does advertisement affect the Consumer buying behavior of athletic footwear? H1: Advertisements don't influence the buying behavior of the consumer. b.) Does product's technological superiority affect consumer buying behavior? H2: Products technological superiority has nothing to do with consumer buying behavior. Q6.) How can internet be used to help Nike in conducting marketing research and in marketing its product. Answer: - By conducting marketing research via Internet Nike can work one-on-one with athletes, learning what they need and building them the best possible shoes. Users can experiment with hundreds of possible color combinations for their shoes, and also lets them add personal identification marks on their shoes. Using this data input Nike can personalize and customize shoes for its consumers. Nike can market its product by sponsoring major sites and placing its banner in those sites. It can use pop up windows also. For market research Nike can use internet to administer questionnaires and conducting opinion polls. With ever increasing internet users, Nike can get a vast sample size and the cost would be minimal. ...read more.

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