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Nikes Marketing Strategy.

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AVCE Business - Nikes Marketing Strategy Marketing is based on understanding of the customer and what they may want or need, and working out ways in which customers may be persuaded to buy. I have chosen to look at Nike. I think this is good choice as they are a large company and the information will be quite easy to obtain, as I know people who work for the company and Nike also have a well detailed website which I can also use to gain relevant information. Through out the assignment I will make all the general comments about other companies, which is known as the theory, and then I will relate the theory to Nike stating how it is done, used or organised. The Principles of Marketing Marketing allows businesses to inform customers of products that are on offer and to persuade customers to buy those products. Marketing is about knowing, understanding and influencing the customer There are three main elements to planning a marketing strategy 1. Finding out about customer - their needs and anticipated needs 2. Finding out about the market - analysing the competitor 3. Finding ways of satisfying customers - communicating with the customer and co-ordinating business functions to meet their needs The Planning Cycle involves * Analysing the market position * Setting marketing objectives * Deciding on the marketing strategy * Implementing the strategy * Monitoring and evaluating the effects The cycle is continuous as markets are active. ...read more.


Open-ended questions are more valid as the respondents can express what is important to them, but the data is harder to analysis as all answers will be different. Closed ended questions are easy to sort and graph, but respondents are limited to using the answers and categories provided by the researcher. Postal questionnaires - these avoid interviewer bias but have low response rates. Telephone research - this form of primary research is one of the quickest types but results tend to be an unrepresentative sample of the country. Observation - this the simplest form of primary research as you just observe what is happing around you. For example to count the number of red cars that go past in an hour. Another good thing that observation does is to watch customers at point of sales such as there body language. Structured interviews - are questionnaire that are administered by a researcher. Unstructured interviews - these do not have question that would have been preset by the researcher, they are more like a conversation Longitudinal research - or panel studies follow a group of people over an extended period, periodic data collection. They are usually large-scale quantitative studies, but participant observation can also be longitudinal. Secondary research Secondary research is data that has already been produced by someone else such as the government or companies. ...read more.


Also children of these ages grow out of there clothes and shoes quite quickly, so parents are not going to want to pay a high price for clothes that are not going to last very long. This is why the clothes don't need to be of an high quality Group b. - 13-19. This group are all teenagers. The majority will be at school. Teenagers of this age might not know what there main interests are as they can change there minds quite quickly. This is why I have aimed general equipment at them that are not of a high quality as they may get though each item in a short space of time. I will aim general clothing at this age group as it will be good advertising for Nike because young people of this age tend to wear sporting clothing all the time. Group c. - 20-39 the product that I will aim at this age group will be of a higher quality as they will be more serious about what sport they want to do, and so will be prepared to pay more to insure that they get the best they can for their purpose. Group d. - Over 39 the general equipment that I will aim at this age group is similar to group c. As people of this age group are going to be very serious about they're sporting hobbies and so are going to want a good quality of products. Marketing E1 By Gwen James October 02 ...read more.

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