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Nine to Five.

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Nine to Five Ollie Arci For many of us it is a much loathed thing, being the inspiration to many sick-notes and Monday-morning suicide attempts. However long it is put off we all must face it at some point in our lives, whether it be to pay for that sparkling, new Porsche or to pull our eyes away from the daytime antics of the Happy Days crew. Work, being the basis of our future will probably be at a constant rate until we finally receive the golden watch of retirement. Myself being of an age where I need not be fully self-sufficient, as of yet I have not fully immersed myself within the world of the laborious, I bide my time until I deem it necessary to work. In this article I will attempt to somewhat analyse my week of work experience and try to answer some of the questions based around the workplace and environment. ...read more.


From talking to the workers I learned that the work environment is very friendly and relaxed but under the surface every person is a vital link in the chain, working hard to meet target takings for the day and budgets for the month. The induction that I received was rather brief but covered all of the main issues; a tour of all floors, instructions for a fire emergency and a quick tutorial of how to look up stock on the computer. In this line of work I do not expect there to be 'off the job' training because the task being performed is quite straightforward and easy to pick up from fellow colleagues. Training is an important part of introducing new employees to the work environment; firms train new staff so that the tasks that are covered can be done successfully and as efficiently as possible, this means that new employees should make no more mistakes than the employees who have had a lot of time to get used to the firm. ...read more.


I felt that in the company customers were treated very well, all of the employees were efficient and very helpful to each other. An improvement they could make to the business would be to have some way of getting the employees' feedback about their work environment and what changes could benefit the store. This will improve the staff morale by making them fell as if they're being listened to and also improve any areas of the store that aren't just right. As a conclusion I would say that my experience was a good one due to the fact that it opened my mind to what goes on beneath the fa´┐Żade of a retail outlet, as a customer everything seems to run so smoothly but now I have an insight into what has to happen for that to work. Even though I did enjoy myself I have found that a career as a shop assistant is not the one for me, I now know that I'm much more suited to a job behind a desk. ...read more.

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