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Notes on Business Objectives, Size and Organisations

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´╗┐Ife Taiwo Business Coursework 10C1 Business Coursework Report Task1 The main business objectives: 1. Growth in profits ? setting a target growth in profits; 2. Growth in sales turnover ? produce more and sell more; 3. Increase in market share ? to sell a wider variety of products into more markets could be an indicator of a successful company; 4. Expansion of the product range ? the proportion f the sales sold by the company in the total market increase. 5. Selling into more areas of the country or the world - try to sell to more areas of the world. Large businesses might try to satisfy the expectations of different stakeholders by: 1. Shareholders are likely to want the greatest gain from their shares in the company; 2. Workers, managers and directors are interested in how much they earn their conditions of work, etc; 3. Consumers want better quality products at lower prices; 4. Environmental groups will want businesses to stop any activity which is likely to harm the environment. Task 2 The Different ways to measure the size of a business; 1. ...read more.


For example, the company Reckitt and Colman found out those small shops in South Africa were reluctant to but Preen, a stain remover, in cases of 24. They had limited space in their shops and couldn?t sell 24 very quickly. So Reckitt & Colman repackaged Preen in cases of 12. The result was a 27% Increase in 1996 in sales to theses shops. Entrepreneurship matters when considering the size of a business because measuring an entrepreneurship by the number of employees would not be fair unlike if it was a large business then that would be allowed. Production methods also matters when considering the size of a business Manufacturing Furniture Polish or household cleaning products is suited to large scale production. So it makes sense for a manufacturer of theses products to be large. However, there are some industries where the method of production dictates small scale production. For instance, a high class restaurant can only serve a small number of customers if it is to maintain a high quality of food and service. Any craft business is likely to be small because of the individual nature of the work done. Task 3 1. ...read more.


Intelek plc is organised into two product divisions, electronics and aerospace. 2. Functional Organisation ? This type of organisation has two important advantages. It allows specialisation and the structure of the organisation is clear. Workers know who to turn to when they need a job done. A typical Interlek subsidiary is organised by function, i.e. into a number of departments such as production, marketing and personnel. 3. Geographical Organisation - Some large companies are organised on a regional basis. For instance, all the businesses in North America might be organised into a North American division. 4. Market based Organisation ? Some businesses are organised on a market basis. For instance, a publisher might have a number of divisions, such as education and technical. Books will be produced by one division. 5. Centralised Organisation ? Intelek, in part is a centralised organisation. This means that many decisions about the company are made at head office in Swindon. Works Manager Managing Director Senior Production Engineer Shop Floor Worker Foreman Ways businesses can grow Acquisitions Joint ventures Group Managing Directors Methods of Organisation Market Based Organisation Centralisation Organisation Functional Organisation Geographical Organisation Product Based Organisation Mergers Takeovers H & V Division Projects Manager Works Manager Project/ sales Manager - - ...read more.

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