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Nowadays, more and more employers are watching what their employees do with the computers provided for them.

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Introduction Nowadays, more and more employers are watching what their employees do with the computers provided for them to utilize their everyday jobs. The bosses want to know whether their staffs are abusing the trust given to them or not. With the help of affordable monitoring software, they can keep a close tab with the people they employ straightforwardly. Modern technologies are providing unprecedented opportunities surveillance. Not only they can monitor the e-mails sent and received by their employees effortlessly but also review the content of them. Same goes with reviewing the Internet usage and files stored in the computers. Employers can track down what kind of sites their employees actually visit during the working hours using Internet Monitoring Software. Some employees sometimes sneak in some online shopping sites or sneak over an e-mail joke using the company's resources at the time when they are supposed to attempt their jobs. This is the main reason why employers want to keep an eye on what the staffs are doing all through their working hours. They want to make sure that the employees are not wasting the company's time and money by doing something irrelevant to their responsibilities. The employees because there are many sexual harassment cases happen in the workplace involving the usage of e-mails, which later on can put the company in trouble if the case goes to the court. Other forms of workplace surveillance are recording of computer keystrokes to measure the employee's work efficiency (this method is mainly used for monitoring data entry clerk), eavesdropping employee's telephone conversation, video recording of job performance, etc To the employer, being able to monitor ensures that employees are doing their job and doing them well. But at the same time, such monitoring is decried by many employees as an invasion of employee privacy. The employees thought that what their employers do is a usurpation of private rights. ...read more.


The protections include: * Coverage for both public and private sector employees. * That employee should have notice of data collection processes. * That data should be collected and used lawfully and fairly. * That employer should collect the minimum necessary data required for employment. * That data should only be collected from the employee, absent consent. * That data should only be used for reasons directly relevant to employment and only for the purposes for which the data were originally collected. * That data should be held securely. * That worker should have access to data. * That data should not be transferred to third parties absent consent or to comply with a legal requirement. * That worker cannot waive their privacy rights. * That medical data is confidential. * That certain data, such as sex life and political and religious beliefs, should not be collected. * That certain collection technique, such as polygraph testing, should be prohibited. This code should be used as a guideline for the employers to conduct a monitoring and the employees could also refer to it when they have doubt whether the employers do the surveillance in an ethical and proper manner or not. As a conclusion, it is ethical for employer to monitor the communication activities through Internet done by their employers as long it is done according to guideline laid by the company. As a matter of fact, monitoring employee's activity is not a bad action if the intention is to ensure that work progresses so that the business can make profit. If business makes profit, it means that the employees are guarantied that they can still have their jobs and not being laid off instead. Employees also have to be made aware that monitoring do happens if the management has decided to conduct it in the working environment. Four Step Process Step 1. Understanding the situation List and number the relevant facts 1. ...read more.


NCR's image in the software market will be tarnished. They have to try hard in order to improve it. 2. With the fund they get, Hopper Specialty can make their business better 3. Other companies that use Warehouse Manager and experience the same problems can ask for compensation from NCR. What other longer-term changes (political, legal, technical, societal, and organizational) would help prevent such problems in the future? 1. Political Next time, NCR should be more careful in selling products. They should not manipulate the customers by exaggerating the products they are going to say. They should state whatever limitations the products have. 2. Legal Government should consider of providing a legal framework regarding this matter. It is to ensure that every software application launched to the market has been meticulously tested in a real environment. If there is a company or more violating this rule, at least there is a legal guideline of what the rights of customers are and what the duties of vendors are. 3. Technical NCR should really test every software they develop prior to the launch. They have to minimize the bugs, and eliminate the ethical ones. 4. Societal NCR should be honest to the society if there is something wrong with the software that has been launched to the market. They have responsibility to withdraw that product as soon as possible before the customers suffer a lot and try to improve it. 5. Organizational NCR should restructure the way they develop software. Even thorough they are not the on who develops it, they have the responsibility to do a through examination before introducing it to the market. What should have been done or not done in the first place (at the pivot point) to avoid this dilemma? NCR together with Taylor Management should have done thorough checking to Warehouse Manager. They should try run the software in real environment not in a simulated one. Computer Management, Ethics & Security Frans Nikin Suganto (B0001020) Assignment 1 1 ITC 301 ...read more.

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