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KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS NVQ BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION LEVEL 2: MODULE 201 1) Why effective communication is important. * Effective communication is important so that information is received and understood by the correct person that you want to communicate that information to. Or that a message is passed along that he or she receives and understands. * The person with whom you are communicating with understands every part of the communication and is left with no misunderstandings or questions that are unanswered. * You have contacted the person or persons in time for the information to be used and for a confirmation and or a reply to be made if this is needed. 2) How to focus actively on what others are communicating. * Focus on the person or persons that you are talking to, look at the speaker if that person is in front of you. * Do not interrupt when another person is talking to you, as you cannot talk and listen at the same time. * If the information is important make notes that you can refer back to refresh your memory later on, if you do not understand something then put a question mark to check back later. * If the person with whom you are talking to is front of you then try to determine their attitude from body language and by their tone of voice. * Give positive feedback by smiling and or nodding, this shows that you have understood what is being said to you. If you are on the telephone, listen carefully for signals like a sigh or hesitation for instance. This can be important if you are trying to determine the person's attitude over the telephone. * If you are in a hurry, upset, under pressure or trying to do two or more jobs at the same time. You will tend to be distracted, if possible try to get some assistance; otherwise the need is to focus on the immediate task at hand. ...read more.


KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS NVQ BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION LEVEL 2: MODULE 201 * Your manager or fellow workers can factor in any possible delays, in time to try and finish the task at hand if it is important. * You do not create a panic when you say that there is a serious problem when it is too late to effectively to do much about it. * Your Manager can plan how to efficiently how to allocate the any work coming into the office because how much work you have to do will be known. 17) Why you should give other people sufficient notice if you need to revise your plans. * Because the more notice that is given, the easier it is to revise any plans and get more resources if necessary to complete the task at hand. 18) Why it is important to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes. Because if you can acknowledge and learn from your mistakes. * You gain the respect and trust of whomever you are working for. * If the same or similar problem arises again, then you will know how to how to proceed so as not to make the same or similar mistake again. 19) Guidelines, procedures and codes of practice that are relevant to your Work. Guidelines * Say hello to everyone that comes in. Ask them if they have been before and if there is anything you can do to help them. * If they haven't been before explain that the blue prices are for people who have been referred to us by a support agency and that the pink prices are for general members of the public. If the person replies that they think they should have a referral, offer to organise that by telephone for them if this is possible. If that is not possible then offer them a copy of the referral agency list, explaining that they may be able to get a referral from one of these places. ...read more.


Types of behaviour that are positive * Look people in the eye when you are talking to them. * Be polite to people i.e. say please when asking for something, and thanking people who help you or pass you something. * Listen to people when they are talking to you * Ask people for their ideas and opinions * Respect fellow team members need for privacy * If you make a mistake or break something admit that you are in the wrong or that you have broken something and apologise. * People whom have done a good job should be praised. * Think about the effect on fellow team members and customers of what you say and how you behave. Types of behaviour that are negative * Looking at someone else or somewhere else (for example the floor or the wall) when talking to someone. * Trying to change the subject if things get a bit difficult. * Help yourself to other people's personal belongings * Take peoples help and backing for granted. * Interrupt people when they are speaking * Make unkind comments or jokes about fellow team members or try to leave them out. * Telling story's, spreading rumours or hypothesising about people's private lives. KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS NVQ BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION LEVEL 2: MODULE 201 How to help and support others and why this is important. * You can help others in various ways, for instance just by simply listening to them. It does not necessarily matter whether or not you can provide any practical help. People sometimes just want to let off steam on occasions when something has got them really wound up. * Or at others times practical help could be required, for instance it could be that you could have lots of work to do but other team members have not and are just talking or not doing anything work related, you would expect them to help you. Just as they would expect you to help them if the positions were reversed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stephen Millman Page 1 19/08/2009 ...read more.

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