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OCR unit 1 Ao1

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Ao1 unit 1 investigating business Mrs Hunter Public sector of the industry is providing a service and is run by government organisations. Eg; schools Private sector of the industry is focused on making a profit and is ran by individuals eg; local butchers Different sectors may have different aims as they are both aiming for different outcomes. If they aim for a certain target, this will give the organisation a goal in which they can see statistics and progress. If they reach these aims, it may give them the ambition to reach a bit further and set bigger aims for next time. If they do not reach these aims it may show that they need to change their product/service/ideas or show them to set lower, more realistic and reachable targets. These aims are: To make a profit Gino casuals are a business within the private sector. They would be interested in making a profit. ...read more.


The market leader is known by whoever has the biggest market share. If Asda was the leader, then Tesco would have to compete to try and win customers from Asda and other leading superstores if they are to survive in the market. They would have to do it to increase their profit, build a good reputation for them-selves, and decrease the competition in the market or put them out of business. The ways in which to do this vary... They would have to offer a wide range of products, (not just groceries). They could offer things such as insurance, fuel, mobile phones, household hardware, and straight to the door delivery. They could also offer loyalty cards. This way, many more people would shop in their store as they would be saving every time they return. This is called repeat business. They could always have offers on, and build smaller express stores throughout so that more customers could just pop in without having to travel a great distance. ...read more.


They would focus on improving the quality of their products and services. Many businesses improve the quality of their products/services to attract new customers and keep their old ones. Because the market is more competitive, they would have to keep improving the quality of their product, service to keep up with the competition and help them stand out from the rest. They would run their business by spending more money on research and advertising. They might run a questionnaire or a survey etc. By doing this they could tell if the audience wanted more E numbers, less sugar, less carbohydrates etc. They might even consider changing other things such as the wrapper and price. Products that are generally mature have been out on the market for a long time. They may re-launch their product claiming it has a new recipe or it is a bigger size in order to keep it exciting. This way, they would gain more recognition and put the product back on the public eye. They would advertise using media such as T.V, magazines, and radio to take the customers feedback into consideration. Carl Quinn 13FP ...read more.

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