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OCR unit 11 Ao1

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Business studies unit 11 keeping customers happy Ao1 Mr Mcveigh Name: The Marine Hotel Address:1-3 North St, Ballycastle Co. Antrim The business offers various products and services to make a profit. It is a hotel and therefore offers accommodation to the public for as many nights as they wish (as long as they aren't booked up etc). They are also a restaurant and offer meals every day of the week and a buffet on a Sunday. The marine hotel is not only a hotel and restaurant, but it also has a bar where many residents in the area would go for a sociable drink and to enjoy the entertainment and nightlife that is provided by the hotel. There is a function room accompanied with a bar, which can be booked for various occasions such as weddings, birthday's, and bar mitzvah's. The Marine Hotel usually use this function room for profit under their own circumstances such as adult disco's at Christmas and new years. Owners: Mervyn McAllister. Orlagh Black How many people work in the premises: Around eighty Competition in the area: The marine hotel has not got any competition hotel-wise but there are numerous bed and breakfasts around the area. One of these is Glenhaven B&B 9 whitehall avenue, Ballycastle Co. ...read more.


The Marine has a translator that works within the building that can help non-English speakers to communicate with other members of staff etc. They also provide signs accompanied with images around the Hotel to help the customers know where to go. They also have pictures of food on the menu so that the customers know what they will be ordering. The staff within the Hotel know to take more time to deal with this type of customer, they may use hand signals and be careful not to raise their voice to the customer to ensure the customer feels welcome and know they are being catered for properly. People From different cultures People from different cultures would use the Marine Hotel for accommodation they may stay here on the same account of non-English speakers. They may use the business on peak times such as Christmas and especially the summer holidays. The Marine Hotel provides extra assistance to this type of customer by appreciating their cultural identity and not discriminating them and not treating them any different from any other customer. The Marine has respect for their items of significance eg; Turbins, crucifix's, and Bindi's. They also provide extra assistance by helping them find suitable foods from the menu and taking all of their needs into full account. ...read more.


To ensure the return of business men and women's custom, the marine hotel provides them with excellent, fast, and efficient service (as it does to all customers). The building has wireless internet access throughout which would be a great deal of help to the customer if they are working on a project etc. They can also get internet access in the room they are staying in for an extra fee. People of different ages People of different ages may use The Marine Hotel for accommodation, catering, or for a night out. People of different ages use The Hotel everyday. The staff within the hotel, deal with people of different ages in different ways. If the customer is elderly, then the staff know to take the time to speak slowly and clearly so that the customer will hear them right. They also know to use hand signals as to guide them. If the customer is a young child, then the staff know to speak in a different tone of voice and make the child feel safe and welcome, And to be very patient on waiting on a reply. The marine often host o.a.p nights in the function room where the elderly can come together and have a sociable night out. The marine also hosts live on stage performances for children including Barney The Dinosaur, Bob The Builder, The Tweenies and more. This is open to not just customers within the hotel, but to the whole public. ...read more.

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