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On the following pages you will find a formal report investigating Arcadia's TOPMAN.

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Introduction On the following pages you will find a formal report investigating Arcadia's TOPMAN. It is a detailed report looking into several different areas of TOPMAN. In this report you will find information about: * The businesses legal status * The businesses objectives * The different department within the business and what they do * The management style the business uses * The culture the business has * The ICT used in the business * The types of communication used in the business There are at several different types of business the main ones being sole trader, partnership, private limited company, public limited company and franchise. All of the above company types are slightly different from each other. A sole trader is a company that is owned by one person. They are their own boss, they make their own decisions, all the profit that the business makes they have, they have the freedom that you don't get when you are working for someone and a sole trader business is easy to set up. Also being a sole trader has disadvantages, the owner has to deal with all of the loss of the company (unlimited liability), they have to work long hours because they have to run the business them selves, they have fewer holidays than you would working for someone because they have to do everything them selves, getting money to start up a sole trader business can sometimes be hard because if a loan was needed banks hesitate when giving sole traders a loan because a very few amount of sole trader business succeed, they usually go out of business in the first year of trading. A partnership is a company that has to be owned by between two and twenty people. Investors in a partnership company can decide to join the company as a sleeping partner which is a person who invests money into the business but takes no part in the running, because there are lots of people running the ...read more.


its main accounts, they would not know who they owned money to or who they needed to receive money off so the accounting department is one of the main department that operates in TOPMAN. Tax and Treasury The Tax and Treasury department is based in the London store and is responsible for day-to-day cash flow, foreign exchange, taxation, insurance and VAT. There is also a small Tax and Treasury team based at TOPMAN's Leeds offices. The Tax and Treasury team also provides an internal tax consultancy service to ensure that TOPMAN is operating in a tax efficient way. TOPMAN also has a specialist V.A.T and insurance team that also provide a service to store making sure that that they are operating efficiently. The Tax and Treasury department is important to TOPMAN because without it TOPMAN could loose a major percentage of its profit to taxation, this department helps TOPMAN to operate in a tax efficient way. Audit and Loss This department consists of a loss prevention team who are brand aligned and provide support for all control, risk and loss management at store level, working closely with the retail operations and Branch Managers. The loss prevention team is supported by a specialist fraud investigation department, which uses data mining techniques via the company's retail systems. This department specializes in the prevention of loosing profit due to fraud by both customers and staff. TOPMAN has seasonal audits, these audits consist of the TOPMAN staff scanning every item of clothing on the TOPMAN sales floor and in the TOPMAN stockroom, then the overall number is compared to the results the head office computer gives out, if the overall number is lower than the number the head office computer reports it should be then that store has lost stock (though fraud), a percentage will be given to every store and the lower the percentage the better. Information systems The TOPMAN Information Systems department is a centralised function providing IT services to all of the TOPMAN stores, developing and operating the systems for the stores and includes a data centre, help desk, application management and application development teams. ...read more.


Without ICT the communication process that TOPMAN uses would be hard and time consuming so the introduction to ICT was much needed. TOPMAN's mainly depends on the use of ICT because the tills in TOPMAN are all operated by ICT without the tills transactions could not be made between TOPMAN and its customers therefore resulting in TOPMAN's profits plummeting. TOPMAN's most recent form of ICT was there introduction to the version 5 touch screen till system, this was now one of TOPMAN's biggest strengths because the new till system was much faster, compared to the old version 4 till system, with the TOPMAN tills being faster the staff could serve more people in a day resulting in higher profit turnover. Not only was the version 5 till system a strength but it also created a weakness, when the till system was first introduced for the first 4 weeks there were a lot of problems with them, they started, working extremely slow, declining most cards that customers wanted to pay with, freezing. All of the above problems caused TOPMAN to loose a lot of customers, when these problems happened the till had to be re-booted which took on aerage 10-15 minutes and customers used to get fed up and leave. Communication in TOPMAN is highly important when it comes to meeting there objectives, because TOPMAN has so many departments that are spread out all over England it is extremely hard to communication with everyone, but it is important. TOPMAN has developed several ways to effectively communicate with all of them departments whether it's through e-mail, or telephone TOPMAN has a way to communicate with every person in the business at any time. So the communication in TOPMAN is very effective and helps TOPMAN achieve all of its objectives by providing every member of staff with the option to communicate with anyone they need at any time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Patrick Carroll Business At Work 1 ...read more.

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