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Operational Risks for Online Businesses

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Operational Risks Website Updating Websites need updating regularly so that the information provided is current and product descriptions and lists are accurate. There is nothing worse than for a customer to see pages that have not been amended for a year or more. In some cases incorrect or out-of-date information can create serious problems. Payment Security Most online customers expect to be able to pay for goods they buy by debit or credit card. However, they also have to be certain that their personal details will be kept confidential. Newspaper headlines about fraud, hackers and identity theft obviously put people off. To be secure, all online payments need to be: * Private and confidential between the buyer and the seller * Authentic because both people are who they claim to be * Conveyed intact and without any changes or alterations during transmission * Erased from the system after process has been completed Errors in Ordering Orders forms should be designed to be as fool-proof as possible to minimise customer errors. ...read more.


Sometimes the pages are badly copied and genuine links are replaced with those that lead to pornographic websites to destroy a company's image and reputation. On some others customers are told to give personal details (such as bank account information) Liability for wrong or out-of-date Information Under the Trades Descriptions Act and the E-commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 information given on the website must be clear and descriptions must be accurate. A business that deliberately misled customers could be liable under the terms of these Acts. Equally, if a customer took action based on outdated or inaccurate information there may be a case to answer - although most websites have a 'disclaimer' clause to cover this type of problem. However, much depends upon the type of website. For example, the NHS has to be more careful about the accuracy of the information it provides that Tesco. Language Problems With Global Customer Multinational businesses with overseas customers normally have a facility to enable users to choose the website version they want, sometimes by identifying their national flag or national map (For example www.aboutmcdonalds.com/country/map.html.) ...read more.


Global business regulations Most people are aware that there are many differences between products they see abroad and in Britain. An item you purchase from abroad will always have a different type of packaging label, even if it is made in the UK, to do with something of the culture or language of the country where it was being sold. There are many advantages and disadvantages of these things risks and issues being dealt with. Below are just a few examples of these advantages and disadvantages. Risk/Issue Advantage Disadvantage payment security It means you as a company do not have issues, your customers are safe and you don't get blamed for anything. It takes longer to finish the website and the server becomes slower. errors in ordering This gets rid of any unnecessary errors. Stalling may occur, which makes the website less easy to use. web-site updating a staff member would have to do this Information could reach the customers much faster when prices or goods sold change. ...read more.

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