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Organising for Business - Human Resource Management

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BA(Hons) Business Enterprise Organising for Business Human Resource Management Assignment 3 Year1 Tom Bullock (99957865) Contents Section Title Page 1 Summary 3 2 Introduction 3 3 Background of company 3 4 Human Resource function 4 5 Human Resource Management strategy 6 6 Conclusion 7 7 Bibliography 8 Section1: Summary Human resource management is a new idea which has not fully been looked into although plays a large part in all organisations. It is still in its growth stage in its life cycle but what has come out so far is fairly in depth but not to the fullest extreme Section2: Introduction In the following report I will be studying a fast food restaurant named Macdonald's. This company has over eight hundred and fifty restaurants in the United Kingdom alone and is present world-wide. The company is the largest Franchise Company in the world with over seventy percent of restaurants being run by independent entrepreneurs. In the United Kingdom alone there are approximately seventy five percent of the companies being run by managers for the company and twenty five percent being run by franchises. ...read more.


(Torrington and Hall, 1987) There is always some degree of being in between the management and the workforce, mediating the needs of each to the other. The structure of the business I am studying is hierarchical although they do try to completely integrate all the workers within the company. 1) Crew member 2) Five star crew member 3) Training squad member The hierarchy moving 4) Hourly paid floor manager up in Stature. 5) Salaried floor manager 6) First assistant manager 7) Store manager 8) General manager The purpose of having a successful human resource department is to fulfill, and ensure that a number of aspects are considered. A simple and common analysis of these essential factors is as follows: ? Legal ? Political ? Economic ? Society ? Technological ? Competitive Macdonald's HR function is to comply with any particular of the above. Other essential ideas that the "personnel" manager maintains is as follows: ? Manpower planning and employment ? Salary and wage administration including related reward systems ? Organizational design ? Education, training and development ? Employee relations ? Employee services, welfare, health and safety For successful human resource management to take place in any organization there is a need for a clear structure that defines a strategic plan. ...read more.


Each month normally an employee can gain a star at the start until they get up to the five star region in the hierarchy then from then on it gets harder to continue up the hierarchy. "Having the right staff, that are trained in the right positions is essential" (Reed, 1999). The goals the company set itself start at the start of the year and their main goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Also to gain market share and increase profitability. The overall success of the company is down to teamwork and everyone who works here is committed and has a good working relationship between them and this is essential. Section6: Conclusion After investigating the human resource function and structure of the particular organisation in question and looking a little more in-depth to their training methods, some key points have arisen. As shown below: ? Human resource management is essential for an organisation to survive ? Human resource management changes the perceptions of both employees and employers ? There is defined differentiation between "personnel" and "human resource" ? The human resource management function includes the "Le PEST & Co" factors which essentially need considering to ensure success ? Training involves growing in knowledge, skills and attitudes through learning experience. ? Training can act as a reason for motivation. ...read more.

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