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Organizing Paper

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Organizing Paper The organizing function of management is crucial to the success of the overall performance of a business. "Organizing is assembling and coordinating the human, financial, physical, information, and other resources needed to achieve goals," (Bateman & Snell, 2004). Each organizational resource depends on an extensive amount of organizing. I believe that human resources and knowledge resources are the two most important resources within my company. Human resources are a valuable asset that Wells Fargo Home Mortgage relies on. Without effective management of the human resources my organization would fail to succeed. The management of human resources is a challenging task; to be successful managers must successfully perform the management process of organizing to ensure the department functions correctly. At Wells Fargo Home Mortgage we have a Human Resources Committee (HRC). The HRC is comprised of a minimum of three members and meets regularly, at least three times per year. Special meetings may be called in accordance with the By-Laws or resolutions adopted by the board. (Wells Fargo, 2005). The purpose of the HRC is to discharge the Board of Directors responsibilities relating to compensation of our company's executive officers, to produce ...read more.


8. HRC may delegate all or a portion of its authority to subcommittees. HRC is to make regular reports to the Board summarizing the matters reviewed and actions taken at each meeting. 9. HRC is to release a charter annually to help organize our Human Resources Department. (Wells Fargo, 2005). There are three stages in the human resource organizing process - planning, programming and evaluating. When planning, human resource managers must be familiar with the business plans and future goals of our company; this is a necessity in order to recruit the proper number of qualified employees needed to perform the necessary duties to complete the job. In programming, our human resource manager is to conduct research in various areas, such as training, recruiting and layoffs. Then, the entire process is evaluated to make sure the results are favorable to the organization's business goals. Knowledge resources go hand-in-hand with human resources. Knowledge resource is the information used by the employees to perform their jobs. This information, like human resources, is an asset to our organization. ...read more.


We do this by having a team leader for every team. Our team leaders are stationed within our teams and are knowledgeable of all programs. Management encourages us to ask questions when we have them. They also try to keep us as up-to-date as possible. They do this by communicating with us through every medium they have available. We often receive memos through e-mail informing us of changes to our current processes or programs. Organizing can be a very complicated task, regardless of what resource you are trying to manage. When approaching organization, management must have a complete knowledge of the needs of the department and the layout he or she will be dealing with. Organizing can require constant monitoring of the process, due to the fact that the needs of our department can change everyday. Without human resources and knowledge resources, the management team at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage would not be able to provide the insight or have the tools to establish such a great company and work environment. For our company to be part of the big players in this industry for over 150 years shows that we have the necessary resources to be successful. ...read more.

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