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P1 AND M1 Communication methods in travel and tourism as a rep

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P1-m1 Communication methods Formal communication is used when a holiday rep is trying to inform the customers about something important, eg health and safe should be explained clearly. Holiday reps speak formally for most part of the job as some customers appreciate been spoken to in a professional manor. Another eg is complaint handling it is vital that it is expressed formally as it a serious matter. informal communication is used when the holiday rep is explaining something about a particular activity some people might get offended when they get spoken to in a unprofessional manor, this does not apply when you give information about an activity because people take part in activities for amusement and fun. Another example in when guiding people the holiday reps should use informal language as it is just for fun. written communication, written communication is used Eg when writing reports about an incident that accrued, it can also be used in face to face communications if a holiday rep is taking note of what the other person is saying. Using a microphone. It is important that the holiday reps speak slowly and clearly as the amply fire not be the best quality. non-verbal communication, this type of communication is used when a person is not speaking, eg giving eye contact to people to show that they have your attention, another eg is the body ...read more.


For holiday rep listening to customers happens daily (eg if a customer wants some information about a particular place they will go and ask the holiday rep. providing a helpful and friendly service: it is important that the Holiday Reps prove helpful and friendly service as it has a big impression on the customer being rude to a customer is not professional and extremely disrespectful as most holiday makers go on holiday ones a year to have a good time and expect a good customer service. going the extra mile Eg a customer might ask for advice on a rout to take that leads to the beach, the holiday reps will politely direct them to the destination they want to go to, if they still find it difficult to go the holiday rep might spare he?s own time and go with them to show them where the beach is. This will have a good impression on the people and they will feel greeted. Presentation skills Product knowledge when answering customer inquiries it is important that Holiday reps have a good standard of knowledge about the Resort, if they get asked questions by the customer they must provide them with the right information. When preparing welcome meetings have to look confident and the holiday reps need to make sure they are positive and sure about the information they are giving to the customers, when selling a product to the customer, it must be done in an organised and professional manor and,. ...read more.


Some customers might not like the smell of smoke this is why it is not permitted. Personal hygiene. This means the holiday reps have to brush their teeth have a shower every day and use deodorant, it is important that holiday reps look and smell nice. People find it hard to tell someone they smell, it is very inappropriate to make such a remark. It important that holiday reps maintain good personal hygiene as the customers expects the professional to look and smell presentable. Projecting a professional company image. This means the holiday?s reps have to always know that they are representing a company and not only themselves, the way they walk should be up straight and confident and the way they way they talk should be appropriate. This means the customer will feel more at ease and secure as they will be aware that they are in the hands of a professional organisations. maintaining a high profile in resort: to be a holiday rep you have to be able to talk and mix with groups of people you don?t know that is why it is important that holiday reps need to bring attention to themselves they have to be noticed out of a crowd, this is a positive as customers will get to know the holidays reps and get to ask them questions about the resort and places to go. ...read more.

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