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Particularly within the leisure centre environment it is important to identify and address those factors which improve the safety of the customers , maintain high levels of services , quality of facilities and promote a healthy safe work environment

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In the various activities of modern life social domestic, work or leisure the cost of work place accidents and incidents is immense in terms of wasted costs, loss of revenue, insurance claims and premiums and a host of unquantifiable indirect costs. Its is incumbent upon all organizations to identify and evaluate the environment within which they operate regardless of whether they are in manufacturing , services transport or leisure ect .however , within each of these sectors there are specific issues to be address and actions to be taken in relation to health and safety and customer satisfaction . Particularly within the leisure centre environment it is important to identify and address those factors which improve the safety of the customers , maintain high levels of services , quality of facilities and promote a healthy safe work environment. When considering the customers of a leisure centre the factors which are likely to affect health and safety and promote a high level of customer satisfaction must be identified first. ...read more.


In these circumstances the facility has to be managed and maintained to the highest standard possible eg, cleanliness, security but because it is a public maintained facility with a preset budget other considerations such as cost control and value for money must be considered. However the objective to develop a health and safety policy which is to specifically designed on the basis of a transparent prevention policy which is communicated effectively to staff and customers and which is regularly reviewed and evaluated, including dialogue between management staff and customers and adhering to current legislation on heath and safety at work such as 1. Health and Safety at Work {HSW Act } 1974 This places duties on employers, employees and self employed people it protects not only people at work but the general public who may be affected by work actives. 2. Management of Health and Safety at Work act {MHSWR} 1992 As a pool operator you must carry out an assessment of the risks which may affect employees and others as a result of the work activity. ...read more.


Remember any one walking through or past our door can be called a customer or potential customer. Setting and evaluating a structured health and safety policy allows the leisure policy allows the leisure centre to monitor and benchmark the results being achieved in relation to the satisfaction of its external customers. The policy should present results with respect to customer perception of the centres products, services and relationship areas of particular interest include customer perception {eg from customer survey , focus groups ect} and relate to overall image including accessibility , communication flexibility Proactive behaviour and responsiveness. Also important is the products and services and their conformance to requirements delivery mechanisms, design, innovation, price and of particular importance in a leisure centre reliability. Specifically relation to the external customers is the responsibility and behaviour of the employees, customer literature and technical documentation, handling of complaints, response time and technical support particularly important to external customers with specific needs, young, disabled etc. The more these factors can be supplied to the external customers the greater the loyalty that can be delivered through their intention to re-use, willingness to use other leisure products and services from competing leisure centres. ...read more.

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