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People and business.

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People and business. Introduction Businesses relay on people. Without them, businesses wouldn't be able to survive. There would be no point in producing a product because there isn't anyone to buy it. Employees are needed to make or supply the products, and customers are needed to buy them, they also need many other people. Without people a business wouldn't be able to function properly. Stakeholders A stakeholder is any individual group with an interest in the business. There are many different stakeholders they are separated into two main groups' external, and internal and connected. External: * Society. * Pressure groups. * Local communities. * Trade unions. * Government agencies. Internal and connected: * Suppliers. * Bankers. * Customers. * Shareholders. * Employees. * Managers. And external stakeholder is any individual or organisation that has an interest in a business but does not have a close relationship with the business. Pressure groups. These are organisations that exist to promote causes. For example, Green peace seeks to protect the environment. Businesses respond to pressure groups in different ways. They respond because they want to have a good public image. They may sell goods that have not been tested on animals or environmentally friendly products. This could help a business stay competitive. Local community and society. Businesses are important asset to society. A large business such as Alstom is very important part of the community. Local communities expect Alstom to do three main things, provide employment for people in Lincoln, offer work to other businesses and avoid environmental pollution, for example noise. Business try to keep good relations with the local community by avoiding cutting any jobs where possible and offer support to local and national charities. Government agencies. They are three main reasons to be interested in Alstom: * The Inland Revenue collects income tax and corporation tax from all businesses. This is a government agency and it is interested in mostly the finical aspect of the business. ...read more.


Employers might be expected to build ramps to allow wheelchair access and to adapt equipment so that disabled people can use it. * Data protection Act, 1998 this protects employees who have personal information about them held on a computer. Businesses must now make sure that the data they possess is secure, up to date and accurate. Under the Act, employees have a right to see their personal files, and personal details cannot be passes on to other businesses without your consent. Other employment laws Since 1980, many laws have been passed to cover the relationship between employer and employees, but there has also been laws passed about heath and safety and trade unions. * Employment Acts, 1980 and 1982. These Acts reduced the power of trade unions in the workplace. They allowed employees to refuse to negotiate with unions and striking employees were allowed to picket only their own place of work. * The trade union Act, 1984 this Act required trade unions to allow its members at the workplace to vote by secret ballot before the union could take industrial action. * Employment Act, 1990 under this law closed shops, workplaces where employees had to belong to a trade union, were made illegal. Employers had the right to sack employees who took strike action without first conducting a secret ballot * Trade union reform and employment rights Act, 1993. This act made sure that unions gave employers a week's notice for industrial action. The idea was to provide a "cooling off" period, which was, intended to make industrial action less likely. * Working-time regulations, 1998 this law made it illegal for an employer to force employees to work more than an average of 48 hours a week. It also limits hours that can be worked during shifts. * Employment relations Act, 1998 this act gave up to three months parental leave to both mothers and fathers, and increased compensation paid to employees who have been unfairly treated. ...read more.


EDEN gives improved support and better technological support to their customers. EDEN is a cutting edge system, which at the moment therefore could not be improved. However, an area of improvement could be the delivering of spare parts as they take an average of 5 days from a customer requesting a part before they are despatched, 4 days more than is necessary and 4 days longer than Solar, the main competitor. Better use of computerised tracking would speed up the process and so benefit the customer. If not implemented, Alstom could lose major money. After sales service and spare parts account for two-thirds of their income and relates to their main aims, so they cannot afford to achieve below average here. List of sources and information * Engineer. * Customer services manager, Adrian Toyne. * Sales manager, Mr tubb ICT in Alstom. * Andrea McMalon, schools liaison officer and HR manager. * Finance, Mr Franklin. Kirsty Densham Garridan Tinkers lane Waddington Lincoln LN5 9RU 01522 887 664 3rd May 03 Sir or Madam Alstom Power Lincoln Dear sir/madam, I am writing to you because I would like to apply for a vacant job you are advertising for in the local newspaper. I am applying for the job of an apprentice engineer because I want to learn new skills and work in a prosperous business. I am committed and hard working and like a challenge. I am also determined and interested in building on skills I have acquired from school. A full description is listed on my CV, which is attached to this letter. I am well motivated and work well in a team and on my own. I have never worked in this line of work but I am a quick learner and have always been interested in the engineering profession. Please consider me I will be an asset to your business, if you would like to contact me I have a telephone with an answering machine. Yours faithfully Kirsty Densham Kirsty Densham. 1 ...read more.

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