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people in business task 5

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UNIT 2 Task 5 EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEE RIGHTS of THEATRO TECHNICS All employees and employers have rights and responsibilities, disputes and health and safety issues. These are both affected and enforced by the government policy and the rules and regulations of the business. Theatro Technics spend a lot of time enforcing and solving these issues, both to encourage a good vibrant atmosphere and follow the U.K and European Union regulations. DESCRIPTION OF EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEE RIGHTS Theatro Technics has to have procedures to deal with employer and employee rights and responsibilities, disputes and health and safety issues. These manners are designed to sort out all problems that may occur, particularly when staff are overworked. Theatro Technics deals with these issues carefully with its grievance procedure, which includes conflicts relating to all forms of discrimination, (sexism, sexuality, racism, religious, age and others...), particularly when it may contravene a law like the sex discrimination act (1975) which forbids sexism in the workplace. These issues are all important and are included in Theatro Technics training. Employee rights are the rights of employees for fair work with necessary provisions. Employers have to provide you with adequate employers and public liability insurance cover, Make sure you are not injured or made ill at work, train you to deal with health and safety issues, provide an accident book to record work-related injuries, inform and consult you or your union representative on all health and safety issues. The law protect everyone at work from being discriminated against because of their race, sex or disability. This protection covers pay and conditions, promotion and all treatment of work, including the job interview. There is no legal protection against discrimination on other grounds such as age or because you are gay or lesbian. But if you are sacked on these grounds, and you have worked for the same employer for more than a year you might be able to claim unfair dismissal. ...read more.


Employer and Employee further agree that in consideration for the above agreements and promises, Employer will pay Employee as follows: A lump sum amount of �12,000. Such severance payment constitutes the entire obligation of Employer to Employee. Employer and Employee further agree that in the event of any breach of this Termination Contract or default hereunder; the injured Employee or employer has the right to pursue any legal action available to enjoin the breaching party from further injurious conduct and/or to recover from the breaching party damages for such breach or default. Dated: Signed: Safety Policy The starting point of a good system in Theatro Technics system is the health and safety policy. Section 2(3) of HASAWA requires every organisation with five or more employees to have a written health and safety policy. Smaller organisations should also adopt good practice and accept the need for a written policy as well. Employers at Theatro Technics abide by the safety policy and should: � state the organisation's commitment to making the health and safety of employees a priority organisational goal. � set out arrangements for the management, organisation and review of health and safety � make provision for consultation and co-operation with workforce representatives � be revised when there are changes in the work or law � be readily accessible to employees Organisation and planning Companies and organisations have to design and establish systems and allocate responsibilities. Managers must: � integrate health and safety matters into their planning and decision making procedures � identify and choose methods and techniques that can be used to train and communicate with staff; detect, control or eliminate hazards; and monitor and review performance � allocate responsibilities and devise a timetable for the implementation of their plan. Individuals at all levels of management have to be made responsible and accountable for the control and implementation of policy. The organisation must make sure that these people are competent and are given training and access to information and advice appropriate to the extent of the responsibility and the level of risk involved. ...read more.


Following a health and safety complaint (of which there are very few), the customer service are quick to offer a refund and offer compensation. Disputes are fairly and quickly resolved. Employee rights and responsibilities seem to be assured. The weaknesses come from different factors. Firstly, as I have stressed before, the level of training to the "basic job" workers for example cleaning, need to be improved. At the current level it is entirely possible that one cleaner could make a simple mistake like leave a mop in an awkward place, causing a customer to trip. Without proper training, disputes are more likely to happen, as employees may not be able to deal with the frustration at work. They may also not respect their fellow employees and their employer's rights. Another weakness comes from the lack of a better system to judge what offences are justifiable for dismissing a member of staff. I was told that one employee was instantly fired after attacking a customer, skipping straight to strike four, which is dismissal. There needs to be a better system, perhaps involving rehabilitation, to deal with these problems. The opportunities to improve how Theatre Technics deal with these subjects come from better training and a precise company policy. This is what Theatro Technics should aim towards, to reduce the number of internal problems making the business better as a whole. Due to the nature of the problems they can never be completely eliminated, but training would make staff become more skilled in dealing with personal and professional issues. By improving the company policy Theatro Technics can be perfectly clear as to how they deal with problems and create more effective solutions. The threats come from failure to address the areas for improvement and gain a reputation as a company with unclear morals. However, overall, Theatro Technics deals with employee and employer rights, responsibilities, health and safety quite well. Health and Safety at work is very important. Many students don't understand their rights and this has led to them working under dangerous conditions. Under health and safety law you have both rights and responsibilities. ...read more.

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