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People in Business The business, which this assignment will be based on, is SpSystems based on the Isle of Wight the leading composite materials manufacture on the south coast.

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Business assignment Unit 2 People and Business by Dean Brooman People in Business The business, which this assignment will be based on, is SpSystems based on the Isle of Wight the leading composite materials manufacture on the south coast. I will give a detailed explanation or answer for each of the following questions the role and importance of stakeholders, customer service and consumer protection, job roles and working arrangements, employee recruitment and training and employer/employee rights, including procedures to deal with disputes and with disputes and with health and safety. The role and importance of stakeholders A stakeholder is any person or group that is affected or interested in some way by a company's activities whether it be internal or external such as employees or even near by shops. The employees will have an interest in the business because if the business does well then there wage may rise. The shop will also have an interest because the workers may go to there shop there for bringing in constant income each day. The role of a stakeholder is to have an interest in the business and watch it expand as this happens then the surrounding businesses may also expand because of the new amount of customers in that area. A shareholder is also a stakeholder because they also have an interest in the business but they have bought shares in it (a percent) so they will want the business to grow so that there investment will grow. It is important that there are shareholders because then the business does not have to pay for everything which makes it a lot easier for the business. ...read more.


As a result Gurit Composite Technologies was formed. Gurit Composite Technologies is a mix of four market-leading composites companies - SP, IMS, Stesalit, and Gurit Suprem. Joining the capabilities of each company, Gurit Composite Technologies looks to provide an unrivalled and comprehensive range of products and technologies to customers, specifically tailored to key markets. Each of the four companies continues to focus on its own market areas, but through this collaboration can now offer even more for there customers. The solutions they use to solve problems are by drawing up on the group's combined skill base and product range, which is wider than any other in today's composite industry. Education Sp Systems aim to see that environmental issues are always incorporated within company training programmes, whilst encouraging staff to adopt these changes at home to work better on the job Waste minimisation SpSystems try to lower there rate of waste emission by producing the most products and minimising waste materials saving money at the same time Recycling SpSystems reduce waste by recycling old products or off cuts and put them into future work either for draft or main products this then also is saving them money. Managing energy consumption SpSystems aim to drastically reduce energy consumption in the future to make the world a better place. Local ecology SpSystems try to be aware of any sudden changes so they can move to fit them and if the make any impact on surrounding environments it is taken into account. Reporting SpSystems constantly report back to member meetings to evaluate all goings in and out of the business for the highest rate of production sending to the customers ...read more.


* New staff require time to adjust and "fit-in" to the organisation before they are fully productive as someone who has worked there a long time will know how things work etc. * Morale may be affected due to existing staff being passed over for the opportunity. * Greater reliance on interview performance may cause a poor applicant selection. SpSystems use internal and external recruitment as then they have a much wider choice to recruit from rather than just one alone. If Sp need a new job that any of there employees can do then it is passed to them as a first refusal type basis so the give there existing employees a chance to have a better job so they know that the employee is known and trusted. Organisation Chart Customer Satisfaction SpSystems is fully committed to the continual improvement and delivery of products and services that meet and exceed there customers' needs. At a high level, they achieve this by complying with the requirement of the quality management set in the year 2000. Each department at SpSystems (Headquarters) was involved in the process of gaining credit from BSI in August 2003 to gain trust and to get known. The standard focuses on customer satisfaction and continual improvement in all areas of the business process - parts at which they add into there culture. The active internal plan gives each department the opportunity to review its own processes and policies in order to maintain compliance and continually improve Customer satisfaction is measured to highlight trends and take appropriate action. Customers are able to conduct their own audits of either the systems or the manufacturing processes to evaluate conformance to their individual requirements. By Dean Brooman ...read more.

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