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GCSE: People in Business

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What happens during the recruitment process?

  1. 1 Once a business is aware it has a vacancy, the first stage is to prepare a job description which lists all the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the jobholder.
  2. 2 The next stage is to prepare a person specification which details the knowledge, skills, attitude, qualifications and experience of the successful applicant. They will be categorised as essential qualities which an applicant must have and desirable qualities which are preferable.
  3. 3 Now the business will advertise for applicants. This can be in a local or national paper, web site, newsagent’s window or anywhere the business thinks it will attract the most suitable applicants.
  4. 4 People will apply using an application form or with a CV. A shortlist of suitable applicants will be drawn up by comparing them against the person specification. They are then usually invited for selection, which may consist of interviews and test.
  5. 5 A common mistake for students is to think that the process begins with the advert. A company will only advertise for staff once they are sure about the job and the kind of person they want for it. Otherwise, they will be unsure what they are looking for with the advert.

Business organisation

  1. 1 A small business can have all employees reporting directly to the manager as it is small enough for the manager to know what is going on.
  2. 2 As a business gets bigger it will need to have more structure and more than one level of boss, so a manager may have staff reporting to them who have more staff reporting to them. This is known as a hierarchical structure.
  3. 3 A hierarchy must have managers with different responsibilities. These will often relate to the many different functions of the business e.g. marketing, sales, finance, production, purchasing etc.
  4. 4 A hierarchy allows a big business to be organised so that everyone knows their job and responsibilities are clear. It also provides a clear means for communication to flow through the business.
  5. 5 The trend is to have fewer managers so that managers have more staff reporting to them. Removing levels of managers is known as downsizing. Benefits of downsizing include more responsibility for more junior staff which should motivate them and less cost for the business as it employs fewer managers.

Key employment laws in the UK

  1. 1 Discrimination laws – It is illegal to discriminate against certain groups of people when recruiting and in day to day management of them. Specifically an employer cannot discriminate against employees on the grounds of gender, race, age and disability. It is of course acceptable to discriminate on the grounds of ability. Picking the most able person for a job is what the recruitment process is about.
  2. 2 Employment protection – An employee must be given a contract of employment. They are protected against unfair dismissal as it sets out the possible grounds for dismissal. An employer who disregards this after the first two years of employment can be sued for unfair dismissal.
  3. 3 Health and safety – An employer must provide a safe working environment and can be held responsible if it does not.
  4. 4 Minimum wage laws – The minimum that an employer can pay. It varies according to the age of the employee.
  5. 5 The working time directive – Employers cannot expect an employee to work for more than 48 hours in a week without their permission.

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  1. Free essay

    M1: Explain how oral communication can be used in business situation

    If they develop poor administration work then it can affect the company's image and reputation. In administration every thing should run smoothly so the managers can concentrate on their job and on the task of running the business. In the big businesses administration is carried out in every department, rather than one department. * Customer service - This department is very important because it solves the customers and clients enquiries and complaints. Every customer has high expectations. When a customer contacts a business they expect the employees to be polite, respectful and knowledgeable.

    • Word count: 2315
  2. Function proposal

    The price for a cocktail style event for 50 guests is $2500 - $3350(inclusive of room hire and beverage) with additional guests being $80 each. Children's meals (12 years and under) and service meals are $40 each. To make a booking we require a deposit of $1500 with the balance due 14 days prior to your function. A tentative booking will not be held without a deposit. Payments can be made by cheque, cash or credit card (credit card payments incur a 23% fee). Please note that this price is for functions held during 2008. The prices may be subject to change in 2009.

    • Word count: 2041
  3. Cohesive team building. I am going to describe how to build cohesive teams that perform well and explain how targets are set and team performance is monitored. I will also assess the value of different methods of monitoring the performance of a team.

    * Induction: This may be defined as a series of activities put in place by an organisation in order to make new employees familiarise with their environment, their staff, their working practices and in some cases their new role. When giving induction to people, it needs to include showing the new employee/employees where all the facilities (toilets, first aids, canteens etc) are located, going through the working terms and conditions of the organisation, introduce them to the various departments within the organisation (to the manager of each department if necessary), and also introduce them to some of the staff they are going to be working with.

    • Word count: 2779
  4. What is Motivation?

    It is therefore such an individual process that a general definition will suffice. A dictionary definition classifies motivation as, 'an enthusiasm or determination to do something; the need or reason for doing something.' (Cambridge Dictionaries Online). Generally we say that a person driven to action by internal or external forces is motivated. The things that drive them are motives, which are orientated toward achieving some goal. We all goal set to some degree, either consciously or unconsciously. All our everyday decisions are based on our drive to accomplish a particular objective.

    • Word count: 2333
  5. Business- MOJO DJ

    I advise you before hosting events make sure you have good music and skills of mixing them. I also included about the special effect were used in the event. 4 people said bubbles, 3 said lightning, 2 said smokes and only 1 person said other, therefore I recommend you to use bubbles as they are very fascinating. I also recommend you not to use smoke because according to my survey people didn't like smoke as much as they did bubbles.

    • Word count: 2788
  6. Working practices

    According to the small number of management layers, flat organisations are often small organisations. A flat structured organization is for example: Advantages of flat Organisations Disadvantages of flat Organisations * Better communication between management and staff. * Workers may have more than one manager. * Better team spirit. * May limit the growth of the organisation. * Not much bureaucracy and it is easier to make decisions. * The organisation structure will be limited what will mean the organisation is to small such as partnership and some private limited companies.

    • Word count: 2542
  7. Job roles at Tescos

    Because of this usually the job of a CEO is secured. Typical day to day jobs of a Managing Director range from making strategic planning to dealing with customers. Skills, qualifications and personal qualities needed to be a Managing director range from University level degree to peer to peer skills in order for them to communicate accordingly with customers. Managing director are highly appreciated for their work, therefore are paid quite large amounts of salaries, these salary begin from �65,000 and can lead up to �500,000.

    • Word count: 2072
  8. Recruitment at Tescos

    when someone has been identified to be promoted to a higher position, Tesco would also have to fill the position of that vacancy, this would be another example when Tesco would need to identify the vacancy. The last example of identifying a vacancy could be if a certain member of Tesco got pregnant and they needed to take a maternity leave. This means that Tesco would have to find a replacement for the person for a short period of time.

    • Word count: 2944
  9. Understandin the purpose of providing business and administration support and to know how to operate office systems and equipment

    The aim of having a mail system is to ensure that mails are distributed as quickly as possible and that no mail is damaged lost or wrongly delivered .Usually, every business has a central mail room, where mails are delivered for processing. * Managing diaries: An another key function of the administration department is to managing diaries, by arranging, agreeing and entering details of appointment in either a manual or electronic diary system. A diary enables the business to record future events which will be kept for reference at a later date.

    • Word count: 2420
  10. Communication between nursery children

    then they would keep eye contact because this shows that they are taking interest in what the children are saying to the teacher or likewise what the teacher is saying to the children. Body language - the nursery teacher and the children would use this in the one to one communication if both of them were feeling calm stressed, or unrelaxed. This would make them feel uncomfortable and not much one to one communication can happen. If the nursery teacher and the child are both relaxed and happy and calm then this would create a comforting and relaxed environment for the child and the teacher to have one to one interaction.

    • Word count: 2422
  11. Free essay

    BTEC Business Assiment 01

    It acts as the reward to the entrepreneur, usually the owner of the business, who has provided the capital. It is usually the net profit after tax which represents the surplus for the owners of the business and is paid as a dividend to shareholders. Profit maximization is seen as one of the major objectives of a business, although it is more likely to be an objective for the investors in a business, than for its managers or employees. It might be for those groups that profit acts as a constraint, while higher sales or higher wages and salaries are

    • Word count: 2295
  12. business ownership and activity

    The accessories they sells its include Necklaces, rings, sets, sterling silver, bangles, fashion bags, evening bags, scarves, hats etc. Decorium open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6.30 pm and 10 am to 4 pm on Sundays. It doesn't have many employees, only the owner and two other employees work in the shop. Decorium also has a online shop and they use Royal Mail's Delivery service to delivered their goods. They purchased items to the customer specified address when the customers orders their item and made their payment. They take orders for fresh flowers for Mothers Day and Valentine's Day and also provide free local delivery.

    • Word count: 2075
  13. Analysing Job Roles - managers, supervisors and sales assistants

    You need a good understanding of a lot of things ? Manage the company's financial resources in a reasonable way. ? Create an effective working environment ? Take responsibility for the business performance ? Make sure they are supporting groups and individuals when needed ? Help contribute to improve the work ? Develop plans,projects for the business ? Organise and facilitate meetings ? Manage a service in which the outcome is the best for each individual ? monitor everyone's performances Related Pay The manager has a relatively high position in a business so they would be earning a respectable amount of money.

    • Word count: 2092
  14. Investigate the value of stake and interest in the company and how the stakeholders affect the business - Tesco PLC and Guilford Spectrum.

    * Owners Internal Stakeholders Type of Stakeholder Internal or External What interest they have in the business i.e. Tesco PLC. Staff Internal Staff interest in the business covers a wide range of expectations. Staffs expect a safe and clean working environment, to receive salaries and wages promptly and on time. Owners Internal Owners have a strong interest in the business as the fluctuation of the businesses finance will directly affect the owner more severely than the employees. The owner also has an interest in the employees as they determine the pace in which the business operates.

    • Word count: 2104
  15. people and business

    Owner / investor Sponsor- David Gerard External The students in the area get a good education. Can withdraw / stop sponsoring the school if he wants to. Supplier Suppliers of the books and pencils External They provide the school with relevant equipments that have been ordered. They can increase the price of equipment or refuse to supply good quality equipment if not given enough money. Financiers Mr Archer Internal To ensure the money in the business is handled properly. They decide how the money is spent in the business. How much should be spent on a certain project.

    • Word count: 2000
  16. Ownership and location of Tesco and McDonalds

    Limited liability restricts the responsibility of being responsible for all you debts. You only have to pay the debts to the limit of what was invested. Not usually do they have to sell their personal possessions. There are many different advantages and disadvantages to all different types of ownership: Sole traders - owned and run by one individual. Advantages: * The owner has full control of the business and all of its profits. * All profits go to the owner. * The owner can make decisions independently without the need to consult anybody else.

    • Word count: 2130
  17. Tesco Customer Service.

    This is our Every Little Helps strategy: In Tesco's core purpose statement they say that "Our core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty". I believe that this shows Tesco care about their customers to a great extent. The statement tells us that "No-one tries harder for customers, and treat people as we like to be treated". I feel that this shows that Tesco understand the importance of customer service and that they have to have an above good quality standard of customer service in order to keep customers coming back so that Tesco can keep making healthy profits.

    • Word count: 2032
  18. Introduction To Business Activity

    They just buy products from suppliers and then advertise them on TV, billboards, radio, catalogue and posters. They also do refunds and exchanges and other services. Argos is a private business because it keeps its profit and the government has a say in it but don't run it. Argos sells many products, their main categories are: - Sound and Vision MP3 players and ipods, Televisions, DVD and video ... Household Appliances Laundry, Refrigeration, Cookers ... Video Games PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, PSP ... DIY, Garden and Car DIY power tools, Sheds, Satellite navigation ... Photography Digital cameras, Camcorders, Digital memory ...

    • Word count: 2176
  19. Tesco Recruitment and Selection

    These are; * Tesco aims to deliver good quality products and services to its customers, through good stores and polite and friendly staff. Tesco aims to attract and retain customers, by improving their services constantly. * Tesco aims to offer great value on their goods and services, which meet customer needs; they are determined to offer their customers the best products and services at low prices. * Tesco aims to provide quality goods and services to the community; they sell a variety of their own name brand products as well as other products produced by other large organisations.

    • Word count: 2584
  20. Why is it essential to build training into overall organisation and HRM strategy

    There are equal rights issues within organisations; when employing someone organisations have to be aware of equal rights. There are many factors that effect organisations in the UK such as global economy is more competitive, unsuccessful jobs can lead to many job losses and there is a higher demand for flexible hours and part time work. Organisations have had to respond to the increasingly competitive environment in which they operate. Flexible hours work around a person's social aspect of life. Organisational training is important as it can improve staff skills; and to be up to scratch and improve standards.

    • Word count: 2517
  21. Mc. Tavish Industries

    The completed subassemblies are sent to the testing department for an operational check. Any problems with the subassembly are corrected here prior to packing and shipping. Once the subassemblies arrive at the client's facilities, a McTavish team configures the rebuilt controls to the client's operating systems. More testing is done on-site by a team of McTavish engineers and control specialists. The colonel closely controls his facility and his employees. They punch time clocks and take breaks only when a bell rings. Management limits employees' job mobility and seldom offers training courses. New employees are expected to learn their jobs from their more senior co-workers.

    • Word count: 2996
  22. What are the physical, social, and organisational effects of stress due to change in management and regime within modern businesses on existing employees, and how is it suppressed?

    The next morning, 24 hours after the initial health department visit, the subjects returned and the monitors were removed. Following that stage, the subjects took the ambulatory devices home for the 24-hour non-working day registration. Thus, subjects were measured on 2 workdays, Monday and Thursday, and 1 non-working day (Saturday or Sunday), always in that order. During their ambulatory monitoring week, the subjects received questionnaires on personality and demographic information such as age, years of service, education level, and habitual physical activity. They also completed a second effort-reward imbalance questionnaire to obtain the work-stress scores that applied at the time of ambulatory monitoring.

    • Word count: 2449
  23. Customer Service in Travel and Tourism, D1

    The Strengths of this are the booking is made quickly and easily, the customer also knows all data is inputted by themselves. The weaknesses of this are a customer may not fully understand and therefore book the wrong time or date. Accident Books On each vehicle P & O own there are a series of accident books which keep the detailed information on the accident, this would include how it was caused, who was involved, when did it occur, was any one injured and was it resolved.

    • Word count: 2200

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Discuss the factors that influence staff motivation in the workplace. Which do you consider to be the most important?

    "In my opinion, I think the elements of the Maslow's Hierarchy and effective management is exceedingly important for the staff motivation. Because each company operates must under the Maslow's Hierarchy and effective management whatever large or small organisation. If the firm has not good operation such as good leader and well system, they can not operate in this generation. As the great competitor all in the world in difference commercial circumstance. Each firm must increase their reputation from good management. Generally, there are many factors that influence staff motivation apart from the above three main factors. For instance, increasing salary, insurance, holiday and better working environment are also influence staff motivation in the workplace. To conclude, the main factors that contribute to staff motivation in the workplace have Company culture, Financial reward system and Effective management of people. Undoubtedly, the above main factors also have their advantage and disadvantage. If the firm can proper operate the firm form above system, they must become the distinguished firm whatever small or big organization."

  • "Fayol's management functions and Mintzberg's management roles are two sides of the one coin." Discuss

    "In conclusion, both Fayol and Mintzberg have made theories in order to summarise the responsibilities of a manager. Both have created their works based on personal experience and observations, but have drawn different conclusions. This has resulted due to their different experiences and points of view. Both theories are accepted and widely used in management today and the fact that they can be used in conjunction with one another suggests that whilst they concentrate on different features of management they are still two sides of the one coin."

  • Assess three government policy measures to increase labour mobility

    "In conclusion, I believe that the New Deal has been the most successful method of improving occupational mobility because it has helped people develop skills which can be used in industries where workers are needed. However a weakness of this is that not all the skills taught are relevant and there are still some areas where there is a skills deficiency. On the other hand the best method of tackling geographical immobility is the building of houses and giving benefits to doctors, nurses etc because it gives them an incentive to move to areas where their skills are needed."

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