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Performance management.

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Performance Management We have seen that to be a competitive, Tesco need to select and recruit the right people. To remain competitive Tesco needs to monitor and manage employee performance. By monitoring employee performance, the business will be able to identify any problems that arise and can then plan to address those problems, one way to address these problems will be through the training and development of employees. Tesco needs to ensure that its employees are performing effectively. They will need to: * identify which areas are unsatisfactory * it may want to find areas where employees need to be trained and developed * it will need to encourage and reward good performance - perhaps with performance-related pay in the form of bonus or pay increases. Performance reviews Tesco use a formal appraisal system to assess employee performance. A formal appraisal system will: * measure employee performance against set targets * provide feedback on performance to the employee and their manager * identify training and development needs of the employee identify a future career path for the employee. ...read more.


strategic plan * make plans to focus on their own part in making the company successful * have an on-going review of their progress. There is an emphasis on continual improvement and staff are encouraged to develop themselves to do their jobs better. In Tesco an employee would be interviewed to discuss his or her performance since the last appraisal, to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to formulate an action plan about how weaknesses, can be improved and how strengths can be developed . Appraisals in Tesco can be carried out by different personnel; Appraisal by Comment Immediate manager or supervisor Most often used as the immediate manager should have greatest knowledge of the employee and should formalise feedback given during the year. Manager next in line to employee's manager or supervisor Sometimes used in conjunction with the appraisal by immediate manager or as a counter signature to endorse the appraisal Staff that directly report to the employee - subordinate appraisal Normally used in conjunction with other methods such as 360 degree appraisal All parties who ...read more.


The plan may also show when an employee feels that there is little more room for further development and that they are ready to move to another job within the organisation; * everyone has a formal performance review each year which help them to do their job. * Managers spend 30 minutes with each employee each quarter discussing performance and personal development. This will celebrate success, 'find solutions to your problems', it may also revise plans and agree action. * The Tesco performance management handbook explains how to write objectives and Personal Development Plans and how to plan for performance reviews. Measuring Performance management In Tesco In Tesco people are employed in order to help the organisation to produce its goods and service. The efforts of Human Resources managers are directed towards improving the performance of employees and thereby enabling Tesco to achieve its objectives. One measure of the performance of Tesco is to compare profits for different years. This will give an indication of whether Tesco is performing adequately. ...read more.

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