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Performance management.

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Performance Management Performance management refers to the practice of setting targets, measuring performance against these and suggesting courses of action. The performance management process gives an opportunity for the employees and performance manager to discuss development goals and jointly create a plan for achieving those goals. Development plans should contribute to organisational goals and the professional growth of the employee. A number of methods may be used to check performance. Appraisals - performance reviews A very important way of getting feedback on employee performance is through appraisal. An appraisal may be closed in, therefore kept confidential. More usually the process is open, in which case the employee takes an active part in the review process and then discusses the results. The appraisal looks at the employee's job, how well it is being performed, and at what action should be taken for the future. The Benefits of Performance Appraisal * It helps to identify training needs * It may reveal other problems - for example, there may be workplace difficulties with other staff * It may reveal useful skills * It improves communications between employees and managers. * It provides disciplinary documentation. * It helps fix pay rises. ...read more.


There are a number of potential dangers, however. * When poor performance is identified it can be difficult for the appraiser to give positive and useful feedback. Where criticism is given there is a possibility that an employee will either not accept it or may suffer a loss of confidence. Neither of these situations helps performance. * Praise is much easier to deal with and can be a motivator. However, it is important not to make people complacent by praising unsatisfactory performance. * Appraisals can be very time-consuming and therefore costly. If the appraisal is not take seriously it will have no real value. Measuring Performance People are employed in order for the organisation to produce its goods or services. The efforts of human resource managers are directed at improving the performances of employees and thereby enabling the organisation to achieve its objectives. Performance through profit One measure of the performance of a business is to compare profits for different years, or with the profits of similar businesses in the same industry. This will give an indication of whether the business is performing well enough. Detailed breakdown of results by profit will allow managers to pinpoint any problems more accurately. ...read more.


In order for the Performance Development Plan to work effectively, the reviewer needs to be trained in carrying out the PDP this would involve things such as: * Knowing the employee so they are able to offer the most appropriate advice with regards to training * Has a basic knowledge of which training courses are available within the NAAFI so they are able to match the employee with the appropriate training programme. The Career Development Review All employees should be given the opportunity to partake in a Career Development Review discussion (CDR). This discussion will take place after the PDP discussion. The Career Development discussion would focus on an employee's potential for other positions within the organisation as identified by the employee. The CDR only takes place as of request by the employee, i.e. if they wished to progress to another position. Employees of the NAAFI I asked have never heard of a Career Development Review so how would they be able to request one if they do not know what one is. Performance management is an essential part to any Training and Development programme. Training and Development is also an important part of Performance Management. By focusing on this the NAAFI will be able to create a better organisation with more efficient motivated workers. ...read more.

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