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personal selling

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`1 There are many different purposes of sales personnel. These people help the business grow, progress forward, and compete with competitors. They use their range of skills to attract customers and make sales. Most businesses have competitors, therefore sales people must know who there competitors are and what the competitors prices are. There are a number of responsibilities and duties a sales person must do and fulfil. One of these responsibilities is keeping an eye on the competitive environment. In order to do this the sales person should know what the competitive environment is like, they should be aware of what the competitors are doing and they should be able to compare the prices, product range, and the service each business offers. The reason for why each sales person should know where the competitor stands is because the business for which the sales person works for needs to survive and needs to be safe from the competitors move. ...read more.


However if sales people do not maximise sales then they are useless for the company, they are most likely to get dismissed. If sales are not made then the business will make more losses, less profits, and the business will most likely become bankrupt. Therefore it is essential that businesses employ sales people that have the ability to maximise sales. This is the main skill a sales person should have. It is always necessary that sales people provide good customer service; they should always be willing to help customers. Just maximising sales is not the only part of sales personnel, sales people should also encourage customers to come back for another visit by repeat orders. Repeat orders means offering help and guiding customers so they are not stuck with anything, it is the sales person's job to solve any problems or queries. Asking customers if they are alright and if they need help with anything will make customers feel that the sales person really cares which will make the customer come back for another visit. ...read more.


However while making a sale the sales person should talk to the customer and ask relevant questions which affect the business and which can help retain the customer. By using customer contact, the sales person can do a lot of market research about the business, and the sales person will also have an idea of what needs to be improved and what customers want. They will also know how customers feel about competitors. Using customer contact to do market research is also the purpose of sales personnel. If Sales people keep linked with customer service then making sales will become a lot easier. It is necessary and it is the purpose of sales personnel to stay linked with customer service. The reason for this is because the sales person will know what customers complain about, what their thoughts are, what they like and etc. sales people will know how to behave with customers and they will also know what products and services they prefer most, this knowledge comes from customer service ...read more.

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