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personal selling skills

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D1 Mini Introduction In this coursework, I will describe how to confident personal selling in three different situation. I will show how sales personal in this situation can treat the customer in order to make good customer service. Situation How would you Demonstrate and excellent and confident personal selling in each of the situations Sales assistant at PC World who is directly responsible for selling PC's to customers The approach to the customer should have been trained with presentation, interpersonal and communication skills. So the sales assistant should make sure he/she are well dressed and looks smart. Using interpersonal skills will help make the customer feel more comfortable. This includes greeting the customer. When customer is explaining about their needs, the sales personal should have a good eye contact this helps the customer know that you are paying attention to them. Sales personal should make sure that they do not speak over customer and let them finish before sales assistant start speaking. ...read more.


This could be done by making then sign up for the loyalty card or use of vouchers or coupons. This will help build good relation ship with the customer resulting in to increase in royal customers for the business. Hotel receptionist at Holiday Inn Large amount of customer in Holiday Inn would be from different countries and some of they might not speak English. So the receptionist should make sure that the customer understands English; if not then he/she call for the translator. Then the receptionist should welcome the customer to the country (if the customer is from other country) or to Holiday Inn by greeting them. When the customer asks about the room and describes their need the sales assistant should have eye contact with the customer, this helps show that receptionist is paying attention to the customer. The receptionist should make sure that he/she never stops the customer in the middle of conversation. Receptionist will be sitting on the same place while the process is carried out so he/she would not be moving around so there will be less use of body language. ...read more.


In the same way as the other situations the sales assistant should start with greeting the customer. The sales assistant then should ask about the customer needs. When the customer speaks the sales assistant should have eye contact with the customer to show that assistant is paying attention. The customer should not be interrupted in the middle of the conversation. When the customer stops describing their needs, the sales assistant should understand the knowledge of the customer. This is important because when sales assistant starts speaking he/she should know what vocabulary will be understandable by customer. For example the sales assistant should make sure that the customer understands the term like "Bluetooth" as customer may not know what it means. Then the customer will be clear if he gets what is needed. The sales assistant should then close the deals. Then the sales assistant could use sales promotions to bring the customer back to the store. Conclusion To conclude this coursework I have shown confident personal selling in three different situations. All these situations are different from one another but still it has some of the skills in common. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 7- D1 Pranav Jadva ...read more.

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