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personal selling

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Consumer protection act (1987). This act relates to prices of products and the safety for customer you have to ensure. For example that customers cannot be mislead about prices of products as this is known as misleading customer and false advertising and that is breaking the consumer protection act which leads to sale prices, customers should not be misled into thinking that a products is �4.99 but the product is �7.99 and that is misleading customer example a customer sees a TV add of a seller who has the whole store on sale, everything is 50% off but when the customers go their nothing is on sale at 50% sale this would be false advertising and braking the consumer protection act, customers can complain and take this to greater lengths which may mean the retailer has to offer 50% off on everything product in the store like it was shown in the advert. Sales of goods act (1979) ...read more.


would be expected to be worn in rain, snow and mud. However the business can offer the customer a new pair of football boots and sorry for the wrong pair. If still the boot are not fit for the situation they can be brought back to the store where the customer still has the right of a refund if they want to. Consumer credit act (1947) This act means controlling consumer credit that if a business was selling double glazing to customers by knocking on their door this would be ok as long as the money was paid directly but it is illegal to allow customers to have time to pay for it for example "we come back in three days, you can pay me then". There is lot of other things like Loan sharks are persons that lend unsecured loans to people who have been rejected by banks and the bad thing about loan sharks is that they are unregistered and can charge lot of amount of interest they like for example if a customer borrows �1000 and the interest rate is 75%. ...read more.


hours this is unreasonable time to change a brake pad however if the customer was told please come back within an two hour and it should be completed for you this would be a sensible time, Consumer protection regulation (2005). The distance selling regulations protect customer who buy goods and services sold over the internet or by mail order or phone. For example a customer may purchase home insurance online; the organisation now must send a written confirmation letter to the customer saying that they have applied for home insurance over the internet with all the details. Trade description act (1968). Trade description act covers descriptions of goods and services. Example it is an offence to give fake information about a product or false about a product or a service. Selling product which has been falsely described by a manufacturer is a criminal offence which if a customer bought goods and later establishes it was mislead information they could sue the manufacturer for misleading and selling a product which was mislead. ?? ?? ?? ?? Samad Task 2 ...read more.

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