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personnel selling

Extracts from this document...


Personnel Selling P4 Demonstrate personnel selling skills and process in two different situations. 1. Explain how to communicate with customers. Carphone Warehouse- In Carphone Warehouse an employee obviously has to speak to the customers. In order to communicate with customers they have to speak clearly while talking to the customers, they have to use appropriate tone of voice, avoid jargon with external customers and they also have to make sure that body language gives them the same message. Listening skills is also important while communicating with the customers, they have to listen carefully to what a customer is saying. BSB Sky- BSB Sky, they normally deal through telephones, and in order to communicate with customers, while talking on the telephone they have to smile, which shows in the voice and makes you sound friendly. Using business-like greeting and attitude and concern is shown by verbal response and tone of voice. Another thing which is very important is clear voice and appropriate pace and doubly essential as gestures cannot be seen. 2. List and explain the different types of communication used by both businesses. Carphone Warehouse- Carphone Warehouse use different types of communication such as: * Pitch of Voice- This relates to how they sound, a low pitched voice is deep and gruff; a high pitched voice easily sounds shrill. For example in Carphone Warehouse while dealing with customers or presenting a product to customers they have to use the right pitch of voice which makes them sound more interesting and attracts customers. * The Pace- This relates to the speed at which they speak, they should never speak to quickly that their words run together. For example in Carphone Warehouse if a customer comes in and they say 'hey'uayt?' which is unlikely to be intelligible to anyone except their closest friends. If the information is complicated they should speak slowly but not to slow that everyone falls asleep or loses interest. ...read more.


the customer knows what they are buying, and pictures of handsets and other products should be put up as well, for example a phone, there should be options to enlarge the picture and side views as well. These help a lot to attract customers. BSB Sky- BSB sky don't deal in stores they are either on the telephone, online or face-to-face which is door to door, especially online the presentation has to be good because these few stuff attracts more customers, they have to list down and give all details about the offers they have, for example, the price plans, the latest offers, when the special offers finish, etc. 5. Display products- Carphone Warehouse- In Carphone Warehouse displaying products in a nice way is veyy important because it does not only look nice but it also attracts more customers, for example a handset looks very nice on the display which will attract the customer, also the adverts should be displayed in the right place, display is the most attractive thing to customers. BSB Sky- BSB Sky don't really have anything to display, they only do deals either on the telephone, online or face-to-face which is door to door, the only thing they need is the products and information online has to be displayed in such a way so it can attract customers. 6. Describe Products- Carphone Warehouse- In Carphone Warehouse one the most important jobs is to describe the products, that is the main way an employee can attract a customer to a product. For example a pay as you go phone, he has to describe the phone in full details, describe the entire features it has, for example it has Bluetooth, 2 mega pixel camera, radio, etc. In that way an employee in Carphone Warehouse has to describe a product. BSB Sky- In BSB sky they have to describe the products as in, in sky digital how many channels it has, on telephone it has free weekend off-peak calls and on broadband the download speed, and all the price plans. ...read more.


but there's much more to it than a few extra pixels on your photos. The 5.1 megapixel Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens has a manual focus option, giving you total control over your pictures. An image stabilizer and xenon flash will keep your photos clearer; with built-in digital editing software letting you enhance them before uploading them to the internet using 3G technology. The KU990 is a video recorder as well, capturing video at up to 120 frames per second - a higher quality than any previous camera phones. You can even upload your clips directly to YouTube. A large touch-controlled LCD screen makes it easy for you to control everything, either by using a stylus or by tapping with your fingers. This good-looking phone will appeal to anyone interested in photography - and anyone interested in style! LG KU990 VIEWTY SILVER: Offer Summary: * Orange * Dolphin �35 18mth [more] * 600 mins & Unlimited* txts a month [more] * 6 Months 1/2 Price line rental [more] * o Magic Number [more] o One mths FREE insurance o Orange Wednesdays [more] o show more o hide again * Line Rental: �35 (equivalent to �17.50 during offer period) * Handset: Free * �105.00 * 18 months 3 Handsets: 1) Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W950i from �379.95 Price includes: * FREE Delivery * Chequeback promise Works in USA Bluetooth Polyphonic Tones Connectivity Music Player The Sony Ericsson W950i mobile phone is a 3G handset that carries the Walkman brand. Yet it's much more than just a music player. 2) Sony Ericsson K800i Sony Ericsson K800i from �179.95 Price includes: * FREE Delivery * Chequeback promise Works in USA Camera Bluetooth Video Recorder Polyphonic Tones 3G Connectivity Music Player 3) Samsung G600 Lite Samsung G600 Lite from �229.95 Price includes: * FREE Delivery * Chequeback promise The Samsung G600 mobile phone takes photography to a brand new level. And it's a level that plenty of other camera phones will wish they could squeeze into, because the ultra-thin G600 is less than 15mm thick. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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