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Peugeot cars - produce a marketing strategy for a new or existing product.

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Peugeot cars Introduction As a part of my course in business study, I have to produce a marketing strategy for a new or existing product. In this coursework I will be investigating and analysing the following aspects of my chosen product, which is Peugeot cars, illustrating "marketing". * Use primary and secondary data * Judge a marketing strategy for a product or service * Analyse the external influences affecting the development of the marketing strategy * Create a realistic rationale for the development of a coherent marketing for the product * Use presentation skills of marketing to an informed audience * How marketing and market research affects choice of marketing strategy * Identify, collect and use information relevant to marketing strategy * Links between analysis of external influences and development of marketing strategy * Make reasoned proposals for marketing mix, clearly linking proposals to information generated by analysis * Identify, collect information and apply appropriate methods for checking validity * Use appropriate models and tools to evaluate likely success of marketing strategy * Evaluate reliability of different marketing models used * Develop a well balanced marketing strategy that reflects appropriate use of marketing models and tools My coursework will involve developing a detailed study of each of the above points that I have stated for Peugeot cars. I also researched various company of my choice, including Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, and ford. I contacted all of the above companies by email as I found this a very quick way to receive a reply. ...read more.


The company, which has seen its shares, rise to record levels over the past month, also proposed a six-for-one stock split. The company's shares ended up 0.04% at 278.1 euros not far below last month's record of 283 euros. The shares have increased by about 40% since the middle of October. The best-sellers are the Camry and Corolla saloons and the ES300 from its luxury Lexus brand in North America, where the Japanese carmaker has about 10% market share and is the top-selling foreign brand. Toyota sold 3.01 million vehicles worldwide, up 12% from 2.69 million last year. (From bbc.co.uk and www.ananova.com/business/story) from this you can tell Toyota is the leader in the leader In Europe. Peugeot is close as they sold 2.82 million. The difference is only 0.19. Overseas sales enjoyed the biggest gains, rising 23% to 1.99 million vehicles - two-thirds of Toyota's worldwide sales. Peugeot looks to be heading well on its way to get first place in Europe. Email from Peugeot Dear Mr Vasant, Thank you for the interest you have shown in the Peugeot brand. You wrote to ask for information on Peugeot for use in your studies. In 1812 two brothers, Jean-Fr�d�ric and Jean-Pierre Peugeot, converted the Family windmill into a factory producing high quality steel for clock springs and saw-blades. The quality of the steel was certified by the local authorities in the Franche-Comte region of France by a stamp in the form of a lion. ...read more.


Keeping Ahead Of the Competition One of the most important factors in any market is the life and strength of any competition. The market for the Peugeot is competitive so Peugeot are forced to be on their toes. They cannot allow rivals like Vauxhall or Citro�n to gain an advantage over them by offering lower prices or better quality cars in the same market. In order to be successful Peugeot need to be better then there competitors, and to keep up with and advancements in technology or safety that the competitors are making. These include things like: * Rain-Sensitive Windscreen Wipers * Tyre Pressure Monitors * Electric Seats with Memory Function Communicating With Customers In the communication process Peugeot are the senders and consumers are the receivers. Peugeot will put its information into a form that a receiver can understand. This might involve oral, visual, verbal or written messages to transmit the ideas. This process is called encoding. Peugeot will also choose a particular way to use to send the message to the receiver. Examples Television Radio Newspapers Email Understanding the Market Peugeot has to explore the needs of its customers and the activities of its competitors before they can achieve a marketing strategy that will work. To gain an understanding of the market Peugeot need to understand and use different research methods and data. Primary Research Data: * Discussions with people * Interviews * Focus groups * Panel discussions * Questionnaires and Surveys * Sampling Peugeot need to understand the purposes of marketing databases and how these are used to provide information about: Secondary Research Data: * Customer behaviour. ...read more.

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