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Physical and Technological resources.

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Task 2 P2, P2, P2 Physical resources These are the resources that the business needs to maintain in order to carry out its activities and it includes things like the buildings, facilities, plant and machinery. Management of physical resources involves planning maintenance and refurbishment and it includes organizing insurance and security to keep those resources safe. For JCC there are different types of physical resources however the main ones are as follows: * College premises and facilities: any business will need to have premises from where it can operate for JCC it's the college it self which they operate by providing facilities to the students. The premises should be aesthetically pleasing in order to attract customers however for JCC if the premises are pleasing then more students would likely to come and study at JCC. * Materials and waste: The materials that are needed by a business will very much depend on the type of operation it is running and the individual people working there. A car-making factory will need access to steel, paint, plastics, etc. to be able to make cars. However for JCC they will need teachers to teach the students otherwise they would not be able to educate the students. For JCC the materials they use are paper, stationery and printing inks etc while the waste are printer cartridges, plastics , laptops as when they dispose them off. ...read more.


* Insurance: All buildings owned or leased by businesses must have insurance. If the business owns the building it will arrange this cover itself but if the building is leased it is often arranged with the landlord. A fee is paid each month and then protection is given to the business in the event that something happens to or within the building such as floods, fire, and damage to any equipments etc. For JCC they need to insure the building is insured as it will need if any thing happened in the college then the insurance will pay for any claims. * Security: The building must be made secure and looked after, even when employees have gone home. Some businesses will employ full-time security staff to do this and they patrol the building, sometimes using dogs to help them. Other organizations will use security cameras and alarms which are linked to police stations. JCC use a full time security site manager who is responsible for the security of JCC as he monitors via the use of CCTV cameras. Technological Resources Technological resources are more than just equipment. Computer hardware, such as a modem and monitor, is a physical resource and is treated as such. Technological resources in this instance are things like software, music or text. ...read more.


Sometimes bespoke software will be designed for a business or they will use someone else's software and play a license fee to use it. As any software e.g. Microsoft word you have to pay a license fee to the Microsoft however when we individual buy the software the license fee is already included unlikely for large business organization where they purchase one software and use in more than one computer in which they have to pay extra fee for the license. JCC they have to pay for the license for the use of different software they use, if they not pay the license fee they can be fined as breaking the law. They have to make sure they have purchased the license. * Patents and Copyright: It can be difficult and costly for businesses to protect technological resources. Legislation can help to prove if someone has taken your idea and used it. Patents and copyright are two areas of intellectual property law. Patents- protection for inventions or new and improved products that can be made by industry while Copyright- protects the use of literary or artistic material. This includes songs, software, multimedia and films. For JCC they have to have a copyright logo in order to protect their logo not to be used by others, they have to pay a fee for this copyright protection. While they have to patent their website in order for not others using their ideas and design. Akhtar Esmail Adam J35081 1 ...read more.

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