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Pizza Huts Products

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Task 1 Pizza Huts Products Pizza Hut offers a variety of different Italian style products these range from Pizza to Pasta to Garlic Bread. They have a number of different types of pizza topping/base; their bases are quite diverse including deep pan, stuffed crust, Italian. Pizza Hut usually has a promotional base recent examples include, The Quad and The Twister. Their selection of topping cater for everyone's own taste with its range including meaty, cheesy, fishy and vegetarian styles of topping there should be something for everyone, and if you don't like any of them you can design your own topping. There range also includes pasta, salad and a selection of puddings. The pasta selection has the usual Lasagne, Spaghetti Bolognese and pasta in a cheese/meat sauce. Their salad range includes chopped up vegetables and other usual salad pieces. Their puddings selection includes cake, ice creams and sundaes. The quality of their products though not as high as 5* restaurants is not as low as its main competitors such as MacDonald's or Burger King. As the quality is higher so is the price with it sometimes costing twice as much MacDonald's and Burger King. The main differences between Pizza Hut and its competitors (e.g. MacDonald's) is that it has an image of a proper restaurant though really it is fast food dressed up as a restaurant, and its more aimed at families than the teenage market that MacDonald's target. ...read more.


Which of these Pizza restaurants do you prefer? A. Pizza Hut B. Pizza Express C. Dominoes Pizza D. Perfect Pizza 5. Do you think the quality of their food is? A. Very Good B. Good C. Average D. Poor E. Very Poor 6. Do you think their range of toppings is? A. Extensive B. Average C. Could be better D. Poor 7. How much would you be willing to pay for a medium margarita? A. �1-3 B. �4-6 C. �7-9 D. �10+ 8. Do you think Pizza Hut is good value for money? A. Yes B. No 9. Would special offers tempt you to buy at Pizza Hut? A. Yes B. No 10.If you go to Pizza Hut do you usually: A. Eat in B. Take out 11. Do you think their advertising coverage is? A. Extensive B. Good C. Could be better D. Poor 12. Do you feel that you are fully informed about the latest Pizza Hut offers? A. Yes B. No 13. Have you ever visited the Pizza Hut website www.pizzahut.co.uk? A. Yes B. No Task 3-Present and Analyse your Finding Results Table This first results table shows how many people gave answers for each question. Question A B C D E 1 42 38 N/A N/A N/A 2 20 22 38 N/A N/A 3 9 29 12 12 18 4 32 27 9 12 N/A 5 ...read more.


When I saw the advert for their twister promotion I didn't understand what it meant by twisted crust, as there was no picture of the Pizza itself. Increasing the amount of advertising would mean people were better informed of Pizza Huts latest offers. To improve Pizza Huts marketing they should use clearer advertising and more of it. Though doing this could prove costly it would inform more people of Pizza huts latest promotions. Priorities The most important thing that needs to be improved is the promotions part of Pizza Hut, which is pretty bad at the moment. This would be a long-term measure because they would need to make sure that they continually kept their marketing up to date. The next most important is to reduce the price of their salads, pasta and rinks etc. This is a long-term measure because it would a long time for an improvement to be seen. Next would be to increase the size of some of their restaurants and introduce take-away/Internet special offers. This would be a short-term measure because in improvement in takeaways and customers should appear straight away. The least important change would be to target other market groups, this isn't very important because they are already very successful with their current market segment. This would be a long term measure because it would take a while for other these people to go to Pizza Hut. ...read more.

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