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Planing your own business

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Our business is an estate agent. Our Estate Agent business provides the facilities that are selling and renting homes. Estate agent business is easy to control it. We set up this business because we trust on each other. We invest all our savings and contribute to equal amount of capital �100000, so there will be no pressure on one of us and less on others. Every one will get same profit as others. I m going into business with Samir, Michael, Shuaib, and Gerald. I m going into business with these people because I trust them and they have the following skills. We have Michael who have outstanding skills in sales and Marketing. Shuaib has some good skills in retail Managing. Samir who have excellent skills in IT will design our web services and control all IT work. The last partner is Gerald who has very good skills in Administration. These are the people who are recognizable with this business. I am really good in Finance and am able to take responsibility. ...read more.


Unfortunately he is not good in finance. He is a quiet person and can't be able to lead a group. He takes care of all Admin work. He is a retail manager and can communicate with customers. Samirs Strengths Good Designing skills Hard working skills Weaknesses Can't lead a group Samir has good skills of designing and creating art so I believe that he will mostly be busy in creating advertisement for our estate agent which hopefully attract more customers. He is one of outstanding designer in our group who always advertise for our company and make leaf lets. He really works hard in our business, but samir can't lead a group. Samir is taking care of all media work such as advertise and leaflets. Gerald's Strengths Can type fast Communicate with customers Working hours Can take responsibility Weaknesses Can be board of doing lots of paper work. Have no advantage when money is needed. Gerald will be hopefully taking care of the finance and some of admin work. As his strength show that Gerald is good hard worker. ...read more.


I will make enough to live on. Just like small business mans they work 4 to 5 days a week. I will provide work to my family members because I trust them. I want to get rich and to achieve my targets I have to work hard. No boss means, no petty rules, no asking permission to visit the dentist and the freedom to set my own goals. There are lots of insurance products out there that can provide me with a financial safety net. Long term sickness or my sudden death need not mean poverty for my family. I can take off as much time as I can, and where ever I want. I can adapt quickly to new opportunity. I can improve my lot through my own efforts. I can grow in my profession at a speed that I can set and in a direction that suits me. However as I am trying to set up a partnership but some of there ideas would come true. I will have to share profit, can't be able to take all the decisions myself which I might find difficult. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1a, 1bi, 1bii, 1c Jawad Ali 11NPH ...read more.

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