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Poppets - marketing stratergy.

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Methodology To carry out investigation of my coursework, I will do much research and then analyse this research. I will need to research into the marketing mix of Paynes, Product, Place, Promotion and Price. To do this I will use numerous methods of research; Survey Observations Taste test Internet E-mail Product placement I will then take the results of this extensive research and conclude how successful Paynes Poppets marketing strategy is compared to it main competitors in its markets. I will also carry out the above research into some of the main competitors of Paynes Poppets. Survey; I will conduct a survey into the popularity of Paynes Poppets throughout Britain and Pakistan. I will do this by issuing a questionnaire to 24 people; I will issue 12 in each country, two to each age group in each country. ...read more.


Observations; I will then secondly visit numerous shops and retailers both in Pakistan and England, and gather the following information; * What types of shops sell Poppets? * What percentages of the shop sell Poppets? * What type of shop sells the largest percent of Poppets? Then after Observing the availability of Poppets, I will then investigate Paynes Poppets physical marketing? I will do this by going into the shops as I have done before and observe the following aspects; * Does the shop market Paynes Poppets any where? * If so where is the Poppets advertisement situated? * How large and appealing is the advert? * Where are the Poppets situated? I will then further investigate into the marketing/promotion aspect by observing generally everywhere for any Poppets information, I will do this by simply observing my surroundings and find as many advertisement for Poppets as I can. ...read more.


* Do they promote they promote there product on the web? This section will inform me about the PROMOTION section of the marketing mix. Email; I will thirdly investigate using the method of email. I will contact Paynes via email at the following address; support@foxs.com, I will email them here and ask for them to send me a brochure and any marketing information for Paynes Poppets. This section will again inform me about Paynes Poppets PROMOTION, section of their marketing mix; however it will further inform me about their customer relations. Taste test; I will conduct a taste test between Paynes Poppets and their leading market competitor. I will be conducting this test using one person from each group which I have previously surveyed. This will help to inform me about the PRODUCT part of the marketing mix. ...read more.

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