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Possible Ways That Chocoholics PLC Can Grow.

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Possible Ways That Chocoholics PLC Can Grow From section two Chocoholics PLC can think about expanding internally. This is normally cheaper and safe. The different methods that could be used are as follows: Chocoholics PLC could open new branches and then they will have to employ more staff. They could also move to bigger premises, or sell more products. Another way of expanding internally could be by using Matrix's theory. Chocoholics PLC could keep their existing product in their existing market, or put their existing product in a new market. It could also be the other way around. A new product could be produced that could be put in the existing market, or it could be put in a new market. The safest one is to put an existing product in a new market, there is minimum risk. ...read more.


There are a number of different options to be considered. Chocoholics PLC could go into a joint venture with a company that is already set up in the new market. There is less risk. Chocoholics PLC could also open their own branches, but this could prove to be a big risk because they might not have enough experience to set up in a new market. Chocoholics PLC could also take over another company, and send their products to them, from then on it could be sold to the shops. A new product could be designed and placed into an existing market. Market research will have to be carried out to determine what the public requires and what the demands are. Chocoholics PLC could also create a new product and put it a new market this is the riskiest out of all of them. ...read more.


The article on Sony Ericsson was also good, because the two companies had to go into a joint venture to compete with the other giants of the mobile industry. It also stated the advantages that the costs would be cut and another positive aspect would be the rise in the share prices. There were slight problems with the research that I carried out some of it was difficult to obtain, so it took me a long period of time to find all of the articles. To resolve this problem I also looked for the articles that I required under the search engines and I came out with positive results. Most of the articles that I found for the external methods of production were horizontal integration. I didn't possess any vertical forwards or backwards growth. To overcome this I found an article which was vertical forwards, and I read it through. There were no major problems that I identified with my research. ...read more.

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