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Principals of Management.

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PRINCIPALS OF MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT #1: "GEORGE FISHER WORKS TO TURNAROUND KODAK" 1. Categorize each of Fisher's activities according to the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Management is the process of achieving the objectives of the business by using its available resources effectively. Management has been described to have four main functions namely planning, organizing, leading and controlling. George fisher's activities while working at Kodak can be categorized into these four functions. PLANNING Planning involves setting goals and strategizing for the future and deciding the most efficient way to obtain them. The new CEO has big plans and new goals for organization. ? Fisher has his own vision for Kodak. He is one of the big advocates of for the development of Kodak's digital imagery. He does not deny the fact that the firms current business i.e., photographic technology is very important at the moment but he believes that investment in the new field will open up new doors and future profits. ? Before Kodak had a rather bureaucratic culture, which laid a lot of emphasis on the hierarchical structure of Kodak. Fisher however is trying to change all that, he believes that this culture is inappropriate for an organization facing a lot of competition. ...read more.


? He makes his goals clear to his managers by means of his one word slide presentations. He works with his managers to set realistic and achievable goals and later he checks on their progress. ? Fisher is also working on adjusting the performance related Compensation system to reward managers who achieve the set goals. ? Some of Fisher work practices will lead to increased levels of motivation; however they will also fall under the fourth function of management. For example His regular communication with his employees and researchers will not only lead to higher levels of motivation amongst employees but it will also lead to greater innovation amongst employees CONTROLLING The last function of management involves checking whether or not managers and employees achieve the goals set by the top management. ? Fisher is also working on the cycle time or introducing new products, a shorter cycle time will lead to greater levels of efficiency. ? Fisher has also maintains regular contact with his researcher to obtain new information and keep check on stuff. 2. Which of Mintzberg's roles are apparent in Fishers activities? Mintzberg suggested that while carrying out their functions managers also fulfill certain roles. These roles are divided three types. According to Mintzberg Fisher carries out the following roles: Interpersonal roles:- ? ...read more.


Technical skills refer to the mangers understanding and proficiency in a certain field. The case study states that Fisher has acquired some technical skills by studying in detail every aspect of Kodak. Human skills refer to the mangers ability to work with others both as a co-worker and as a leader. There is a lot of evidence in the case which suggests that fisher has exceptional human skills. He is good when it down to communicating with others, he has lots of goals and he has devised numerous ways to get his message across. He communicates with his employees on a regular base and makes sure that his set targets are clear to everyone. He has breakfast with his employees in order to talk to them. Conceptual skills are related to visualizing the company as a whole, the passage also suggests that Fisher has conceptual skills he has proper knowledge of his competition and where Kodak stands in relation to that competition. He can also visualize the organization in the future which is how he knows that diverting towards the digital division will be good for Kodak. His conceptual skills led to the different changes brought about within Kodak such as the change in culture or the product and alliances. The success of Fishers efforts depend on a number of things, some of which he cannot control. ...read more.

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