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Produce a case study comparing two business organisations, investigating the extent to which each has developed an effective customer service programme, and evaluating the effect of those programmes on customer satisfaction.

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Task: You need to produce a case study comparing two business organisations, investigating the extent to which each has developed an effective customer service programme, and evaluating the effect of those programmes on customer satisfaction. The organisations that I am comparing are Marks & Spencer Plc and Tesco. Marks & Spencer Plc 1(a) Describe the importance of customer service to each organisation. Customer service Their Vision 'Leading standards wherever we trade epitomises the Marks & Spencer approach to both the way we serve our customers and the way we run our business. As one of the UK's leading retailers, we have annual sales in excess of �8 billion. We employ more than 60,000 people worldwide, operate more than 400 stores in 28 countries, and serve tens of millions of customers every week. Whether we're working at home or abroad, within our own stores or in partnership with our franchisees, our Vision, Mission and Values remain the same. Ensuring we meet our customers' needs with appealing, superior quality products at attractive prices.' People are the lifeblood of our stores' success They launched their Foundations For Success programme to set out new ways of working in stores, and new levels of customer service to aim for. The initiative focuses attention on 'power hours', the key time of day when each different store is at its busiest, and everyone available helps on the sales floor. The programme also ensures regular team briefings and a concentration on all the little efficiencies and 'shop keeping' tasks that add up to making it really easy and enjoyable for their customers to shop. Above all, it has encouraged colleagues to become accountable for the performance of their store. This, along with a new bonus scheme based on store sales targets where colleagues can earn a bonus above their salary, and the general recovery in sales, has seen a major leap in the motivation of the people within Marks & Spencer, which they believe now shows in the service they provide. ...read more.


Job roles and responsibilities need to be clear, the organisational structure has to be well defined and there must be good lines of communication. Working arrangements are often flexible so that everyone can adapt to changing business practices and make the best use of new technologies. Everyone in work needs to know their legal rights and responsibilities and what to do in the case of a dispute. Marks and Spencer's consider them as having good communication with their customers, they ensure this by training employees to communicate properly with their customers. Marks & Spencer communicate with their employees through magazines, letters, leaflets and face to face. Investigating the issues raised As I have mentioned above Marks & Spencer handle complaints very seriously. All complaints in Marks and Spencer are investigated by head office. The customer is given a form to give details of the nature of the complaint, which is then sent to head office that acts on the complaint immediately. Staffing The targets of sales Marks and Spencer's have for particular months of the year will determine staffing levels e.g. Christmas. Due to seasonal variations staffing levels will rise or fall. Monitoring the quality of customer service This is done in many different ways. I have listed a few below: * Mystery shopper reports How good is the customer experience at the point of sale? Is it living up to the brand promise? Marks & Spencer are continuing to build our network of mystery shoppers throughout the UK. * Comment cards and customer surveys# Customer surveys are the ideal opportunity to gain primary information about what your customers want, and just as relevantly, how they perceive you. Even if their perceptions are 'wrong' you must always remember that the customers perceptions, are, to them, the reality. A business can only succeed by giving customers what they want. Lose track of changes in their wishes and business will quickly suffer. ...read more.


They have their own legal department in head office to verify all information to customers. Customers don't expect to go into a store and be ripped off or unable to return a good purchased. Tesco have a refund policy, which covers every eventuality e.g. electric goods over 28 days without receipts. If a customer is not happy with any product it can be returned within 28 days with receipt used to a no quibble guarantee. Special needs In Ireland, Scotland and Wales there are multilingual signs as well as sub continent signs in India for tourists etc. This is part of effective customer service so that customers from all countries can shop in Tesco. It also leads to an increase in sales. For people with special needs there is a loop at various checkouts in store, scanners for checking prices in Knocknagoney store. This could be introduced to all stores. Some staff learn sign language if they want to its not compulsory. All stores are equipped with standard wheelchairs. A talking magazine for customers with sight deficiency. Tesco see an Elsmere group to see what requirements they have when shopping. There are also special trolleys designed for young mothers with triplets. Tesco try and provide a service for everyone's needs. Ethical Standards Tesco's is Britain's leading food retailer and has gained this position in the market throw giving good value and services to the customer. Even though they are this successful they still are committed to their principles and values. This is shown by the fact that since 1997 the company has been at the top of the "Christian Aid league table for ethical commandments." For Tesco's to keep this top spot as the leading successful retailer, it has to take in to consideration the concerns of each sector of the community; such as its customers, staff, shareholders, supplies and the local people who live close by. All of these have ideas they want to see happen and so Tesco has to meet as many of these, which are practical. Tesco have a range of products, which reflect ethnic backgrounds in the UK. ...read more.

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