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Producing Documents in a Business Environment. In theory, managing electronic records should be no different than managing the paper records.

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Section A - Task 1 a. Your manager has asked you to research systems available for managing information and present your findings in a formal report (approx 500 words). Include in your report: > One type of information in your organisation that needs to be managed > A summary of two different information systems available > Advantages and disadvantages of each system > An evaluated recommendation on the most suitable for your organisation > How and why the chosen system will be monitored > How the security of the information will be maintained using the chosen system and why this is important. INTRODUCTION Managing documents and information has always been essential to the operation of any organisation and, in most organisations standards for filing and maintaining documents exist as a matter of course. Sometimes those standards are formalised in a plan that describes how and where documents will be kept and when they will be destroyed. Other times, standards evolve as a matter of practice, informed by the need for organisation, space, and compliance with laws unique to a given industry governing retention of records. In theory, managing electronic records should be no different than managing the paper records. ...read more.


Although some government agencies require certain types of documents to be kept for a period of time, an employer has sole discretion to keep or get rid of its documents after that time based on several factors including, but not limited to: anticipated or current legal action, business needs and efficiency, and conservation of time and space. For example, an employer cannot destroy documents in its possession that are relevant to legal action, or potential legal action. Thus, the purpose of a document retention policy is to maintain records in accordance with various laws and to support the company's basic day to day operations. The document management program adopted by ITS is the ESI system and is managed by the Quality section. All documents must be submitted to the section for review before they can be uploaded onto the Company Intranet. ITS has a file tracking system whereby each document has an individual ID and Issue number allocated. This system ensures that all employees are using the correct and current documents and the system can be controlled and managed effectively. b. Create a document to itemise the research for your report. ...read more.


3. Explain two ways that an organisation's external documents could create a good impression. > Any publication that is to be used outside the organisation must convey a professional image. Documents must be well presented and accurate. The information must be current, relevant and informative to the user. > Many organisations now support the use of recycled products to help to contribute to the Greener ethos. To reduce the amount of paper we use where possible, producing leaflets, letters or publications, will demonstrate a commitment to use 100% recycled or FSC certified paper wherever possible, and source paper from within the UK. 4. Identify four components that may be incorporated into a document template. A document template is a collection of pre-defined styles that ensures documents have a coherent structure and presentation. A company logo can be added and a series of styles for the title, subheadings, lists, headers and footers etc. These styles give a uniform look to various parts of the document. Templates can also be used for spreadsheets, for example a timesheet template where formulas can be pre-set on a template to ensure correct calculation of working hours when input by the user. ?? ?? ?? ?? 4475-303 - Principles of Managing Information and Producing Documents in a Business Environment 1 | Page ...read more.

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