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Progress Report for Emni

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In this progress report, I am going to investigate how far Emni has gone. I will be looking at what has been contributed. During one of our visits to Emni we tried to find out whether Mr Hanan is making progress. Since October 2006, they have been serving a contemporary range of Indian cuisine in a sophisticated environment, with their 5 star chefs which have already received excellent reviews from London's press. Emni's Targets are: * To increase the customers * To increase their profits * To open a new branch * To branch awareness * Stand out and beat their competitors * Have healthy eating food * Give back something to the community * Repeat purchases so that their customers can come more than once Predictions Outcome A D What was the target Variance Not met? ...read more.


The second sale-expected to exceed the previous year by about 20% but, however this was not achieved because the pound was strong so people went away instead of staying here in London. The increase rate went up 3x that's why people have to stay here. Emni had incurred a lot of over head costs because the business was new, as well as that Emni has an effective marketing strategy to attract and maintain. They have many customers even though they don't have a disposable income because there is not enough money. Even though they have a good marketing strategy, their income is not that good, and that is why people come back to buy the cheaper food and that's how the restaurant is getting less money. ...read more.


For the external influences, there are 3 strands. The first one is the location which is in Upper Street, off Camden Passage, near Angel tube station. There are lots of cars and noise around the restaurant. The second one is that Emni has a lot of competitors. There are lots more other Indian restaurants and other cultured restaurants. They have other competitors, like pubs and other shops that sell food and drink for people. The third one is that Emni's want to recycle, but the only thing that is holding them back is the government, because they don't let it happen, they say that it is illegal to recycle glass and bottles and throw it away. They also have to throw the rubbish away in the bin. By Wahida Begum10T ...read more.

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