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Promotion and Advertising

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Ways of Promotion & Advertisement Advertising is a form of public declaration and an essential way for businesses to gain vital recognition and communicate with their target market and the consumer world. On of the purposes of advertising is to persuade people to buy a product /service, to "announce or praise a product/ service etc. in some public medium of communication in order to induce people to buy or use it" (dictionary.com) Some businesses find that advertising is one of the only ways in which to initiate success as, if people are not aware of the business and if the business remains unheard of, no one will buy the product/ service. In advertising, the information goes from the seller to the buyer, in which case it is the seller's job to make their product look better than any other of its kind, knocking out competition, appealing to the selected target market and increasing market share. There are many different places in which a business can advertise. For the proposed new 'fashion advisor/ assistant' business outlet on Marylebone High Street, one of the most suitable forms of advertising may be through leaflets and direct mail. The questionnaire results also support this, where over half the number of people questioned chose this as their preferred way of being informed of the service. ...read more.


Other forms of advertising include: 1. Television 2. Radio 3. Posters & Billboards 4. Cinemas 5. Internet Website Promotion is all about the way in which you communicate your product/ service to your customers. The key to a successful promotion campaign is figuring out which of the communication strategies will most appeal to your target audience and which will attract the greater number of customers, generating higher levels of sales. Also, if the business does not fully understand its target market, it is less likely to promote the product aimed at them effectively. Promotion is an important way for a product or service to gain recognition and can be equally as effective as any advertising campaign. It is the job to make sure that the promotion method is the most suitable for their desired target market and will ensure the most sales/ success of the product or service. Direct mail can be an effective way of promoting a product/ service. It is thought of as one of the most effective ways of generating a large customer sale response. Common ways of promotion through direct mail include free samples of a product or money off/ percentage off coupons which encourage those to whom they are delivered to go and try out the product or service. ...read more.


Maintaining a consistent price for the service will maintain a consistent value in the eyes of the consumer. Other types of promotion include: 1. Competitions 2. Point of sale displays or demonstrations 3. After sales service Other types of research which could have been used include secondary research. This may have helped to inform a better conclusion on the types of promotion and advertising which could have been carried out by the firm. The theory on secondary research has already been presented on (page with diagrams). Applying this to the prospective business, using forms of secondary research such as newspapers or websites, the firm could have investigated/ researched the way in which another business has marketed or promoted/advertised their product. This will have maybe affected the decisions being made with regards to advertising and promotion in the proposed business, generating possible new ideas and possibly helping to inform a better marketing campaign. The firm could have also looked at government reports and statistics and examined figures which reveal the success (i.e. sales) of a particular product and relate this to the advertisement used by the company (i.e. look at how it was affected by advertising, whether advertising increased sales or not). The type of advertising used by the company(s) being looked at could have then been used to inform future decisions made by the prospective business on advertising and promotion. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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